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Dragons of Faerun, Part 3
City of Wyrmshadows

Chaulssin, the City of Wyrmshadows, is home to progeny of centuries of unions between drow and shadow dragons and serves as the secret base for the assassins of the Jaezred Chaulssin. This web enhancement, for Dragons of Faerun, details the city, its shadowy rulers, and their magic, as well as presenting a full-length adventure set in a Jaezred fosterage in the drow city of Karsoluthiyl.

About the Author

Eric L. Boyd has been a fan of the Forgotten Realms product line since the first time Elminster graced the pages of Dragon magazine. When he's not playing the role of software development manager or dad, Eric enjoys writing about Faerûn late into the night and knitting together obscure bits of Realmslore. Eric has written or coauthored nearly a dozen books about Faerûn and contributed to many more. His most recent credits include Faiths and Pantheons, Races of Faerûn, Serpent Kingdoms, and Champions of Ruin.

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