We'd like to wish our players (and Dungeon Masters alike) a very happy holidays! As 2005 draws to a close, we also wanted to thank our readers who've made visiting this website a regular habit; we appreciate the time you spend here, and we're committed to bringing you the quality articles and features you've come to expect. So what better way to say thanks than with a holiday gift? Well, not a gift from us exactly… but an easier way for loved ones to find a gift for you!

As a holiday feature, we've compiled the following wish list, taking a look at many of our recent Dungeons & Dragons game products. Looking for the perfect gift for the gamer in your life? Or are you that gamer, and need to communicate your holiday "must haves" to friends and families?

Here's an easy way to drop them a hint. Simply print out the wish list, and hand them the pages you want. There's enough information for even a non-gamer to find the following products at their local hobby, book, or video game store (or you can point them to our online Retail Locator).

So best of luck getting some nice packages under the tree - and we'll see you in 2006, for another year of the Dungeons & Dragon website!

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