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Servant of the Shard

The Sellswords, Book I
R.A. Salvatore

Item Code 954070000
Release Date June 2005
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 384
ISBN 0-7869-3950-8
Price $7.99 ;  C$10.99

With each kill, I grow wiser, and with added wisdom, I grow stronger.

The Assassin

For a man like Artemis Entreri, lives hold little value.

The Drow

For the dark elf mercenary Jarlaxle, the only currency is power.

The malevolent Crystal Shard's influence on Jarlaxle intensifies until even his own drow agents grow fearful of its terrifying intentions. When Bregan D'aerthe itself begins to turn on him, the mercenary will be forced to find a savior in the assassin he's come to enslave.

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