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Lady of Poison

The Priests
Bruce R. Cordell

Item Code 965270000
Release Date July 2004
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 320
ISBN 0-7869-3161-2
Price $6.99 ;  C$9.99

I shall burn thee with hunger, devour thee with blistering heat and with bitter destruction. I will send the teeth of beasts upon thee, with the poison of serpents of the dust.

The spiritual heart of Faerûn beats in time with a hundred gods, and for each there are a thousand servants or more: THE PRIESTS

Lady of Poison is the first title in a new Forgotten Realms novel series focusing specifically on priests, the popular D&D game iconic class also known as clerics. Each title will chronicle priests loyal to a different deity in the Forgotten Realms pantheon. Like the preceding series The Rogues, each novel in The Priests series is written as a stand-alone adventure.

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