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Facts Book


Sideboard Magazine Online is a central hub for information. Here you will find statistics, rosters, lists, data and results from many Magic-related areas.

Banned/Restricted Lists - The complete list of all cards banned or restricted in any format
Oracle Card Reference - The official wordings of all Magic cards
Constructed Decklist - Decklist for Constructed Tournaments
Official Tournament Rules - Official rules for all DCI-Sanctioned tournaments
Amateur Player Status - All players on this list have earned 1 or more pro points and have therefore lost their amateur status. (last updated 11/10/2003)
Rulings and Errata - Stephen D'Angelo's compilation of all clarifications ever issued for Magic: The Gathering

Pro Player of the Year Race - Rickard Osterberg has the early lead in the 2003-2004 Player of the Year race. (Updated 11/10/2003)
Rookie of the Year - Tomohiro Kaji has the lead for Rookie of the Year. (Updated 11/10/2003)
Lifetime Winnings Leaders - Everyone who's won more than $25,000 on the Pro Tour. (Updated 11/10/2003)
Grand Prix Top 8 Lists - Top 8 lists from all Grand Prix events. (Updated 10/6/2003)
Pro Tour Top 8 Listing - A complete list of all Top 8 lists from Pro Tour stops and World Championships. (Updated 10/6/2003)
Continental Championship Top 8 Lists - Top 8 lists from all Continental Championships. (Updated 7/21/03)

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