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"If you were to play in Nationals today, what Standard deck would you use?"
Antoine Ruel: Frog in a Blender Akira Asahara: "UG Psychatog Madness." Masaya Mori: "UG Psychatog Madness."

"Why do Japanese teams change their roster so much?"
藤田剛史: "Everyone's looking for a consistent combination." Masahiko Morita: "Usually because everyone gets into a big argument after an event and breaks up." Itaru Ishida: "Most Japanese players have so many friends, they figure they can team up with anyone they know. Of course, that means it's hard to develop as a team."

"Who is currently the best player in Japan?"
Olivier Ruel: "Jin Okamoto" Alex Shvartsman: "That's a difficult question to answer. I'd have to go with Katsuhiro Mori, simply because he has the best results on the Pro Tour. Still, it's a tough choice with Jin Okamoto and Tsuyoshi Fujita both performing consistently well, and you can't forget about Panzer Hunters either." Sam Lau: "Katsuhiro Mori. It's intimidating to play against him because he's so fast."

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