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In its decade-long history, the Magic: The Gathering game has shown you thousands of creatures, scores of characters, and dozens of fantasy settings. For a long while, though, Magic focused almost exclusively on the plane at the heart of the Multiverse: Dominaria. This is where the brothers Urza and Mishra fought their great war, where the skyship Weatherlight set sail, where heroes gave their lives to end the Phyrexian Invasion. Shiv, Benalia, Urborg, Jamuraa, Llanowar, Tolaria . . . all these places coexist on the face of Dominaria.

But Dominaria is not the only plane in the Multiverse.

The Magic game has shown you a handful of other planes over the years, from the excesses of Mercadia to the horrors of Phyrexia. But Dominaria remained the home base of Magic. Then, last year saw the debut of a new world and a new way of thinking. Just as the mechanics and themes of the Magic game change dramatically every year, so should the world in which the game takes places. For each new year, a new block of three Magic sets. For each block, a new world.

The metal plane of Mirrodin was the first in what we hope will be a long and vibrant series of new planes. Taken together, the cards of the Mirrodin, Darksteel, and Fifth Dawn sets describe one era of one world. The Magic novels tell the story of Glissa Sunseeker, but many other stories take shape within the space of hers. And still more are dreamed of by the cards.

In another far-flung corner of the Multiverse lies a plane with countless stories of its own: Kamigawa. In fact, the themes and mechanics of the three expansions set in Kamigawa lend themselves especially well to this “land of infinite stories.” In the weeks to come, we’ll tell you just a few of the stories. And in the process, you’ll see many depictions of the world of Kamigawa, from concept art to card illustrations—not to mention some card previews along the way.

More explanation about this new world will come later. For now, we hope you enjoy the aspects and elements of Kamigawa that you’ll see here in the coming weeks.