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2001 Grand Prix Sendai

Player Pictures

[view]Kazuaki Arahori, our GP Sendai Champion
[view]Three of the Top 4
[view]Kazuaki Arahori is an Amateur: He will recieve at least 3,200
[view]Kazuya Hirabayashi in the finals
[view]Finals: Kazuya Hirabayashi vs. Kazuaki Arahori
[view]Kazuya Hirabayashi
[view]Kazuaki Arahori
[view]Michael Long
[view]Semifinal: Murakami vs. Hirabayashi
[view]Semifinal: Long vs. Arahori
[view]The world-famous Mike Long
[view]Kazuaki Arahori in his Semifinal
[view]Yuki Murakami in his Semifinal
[view]Kazuya Hirabayashi in his Semifinal
[view]Itaru Ishida in the Quarterfinal
[view]Yuki Murakami in the Quarterfinal
[view]Top 8 Regular,Katsu Lightning Mori
[view]Kazuaki Arahori in his Quarterfinal
[view]Kazufumi Abe in the Action
[view]Kazuya Hirabayashi in his Quarterfinal
[view]Top 8 Competitors
[view]Masasiro Kuroda vs. Alex Shvartsman:Secret Feature Match
[view]Round 14 Feature Match:Djinn Okamoto vs. Osamu Fujita: The winner will make top 8
[view]Osamu Fujita in a Feature Match against his young friend, well known as the Rookie
[view]Katsu Mori meets his teammate in Round 13
[view]Masayuki Higashino versus Djinn Okamoto in Round 13 Feature Match
[view]Kurodas board is full of awesomeness, thanks to his Living Death
[view]Tsuyoshi Ikeda in his Feature Match
[view]Higashino won the 1st GP in Sendai. Now he tries for a 2nd one.
[view]Itaru Ishida meets his long-time friend Masayuki Higashino
[view]Takatsugu Adachi plays Zombie deck
[view]Kazuaki Arahori in his Feature Match
[view]Is this a Feature Match in a Japanese GP Benafel vs. Shvartsman
[view]Chris Benafel plays his Illusion-Donate
[view]Alex Shvartsman in his Feature Match
[view]Mike Long reveal his hand to cast Land Grant
[view]Kenichi Fujita plays Duress as usual
[view]Kenichi Fujita vs. Mike Long
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Masayuki Higashino vs. Michihisa Onoda
[view]Borteh vs. Hegstad in a Japanese Grand Prix
[view]Brian Hegstad
[view]Alex Borteh plays his Aluren deck
[view]Michihisa Onoda in his Feature Match
[view]It is the first time for Masayuki Higashino. He is playing River Boa
[view]Michihisa Onoda is 2nd after Day 1
[view]Tomoya Tsushima, the only one amazing 8-0 and he has NO BYES
[view]Kazuaki Arahori from Tokyo ,3rd after Day 1 competition
[view]Chris Benafel and Peter Szigeti consider the trophies
[view]Itaru Ishida made 7-0-1
[view]Masahiko Morita
[view]Katsu in Feature again and again
[view]Masasiro Kuroda in his Feature Match Again
[view]Golden Card Again:Katsu vs. Itaru
[view]Katsu Mori
[view]Alex Borteh
[view]Itaru Ishida
[view]Tomoya Tsushima
[view]Alex Borteh vs. Tomoya Tsushima
[view]Mike Long
[view]Ryom Shiozu vs. Katsu Mori
[view]Japanese golden card:Tsuyoshi Fujita vs. Itaru Ishida
[view]Shiozu Ryoma
[view]Our Rookie, Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Itaru Ishida well known Draft Wizard
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita against long time friend Itaru Ishida
[view]Jun Nobushita
[view]Jun Nobushita vs. Mike Long
[view]Shinsuke Hayashi
[view]Chris Benafel in his Feature Match
[view]Shinsuke Hayashi vs. Chris Benafel
[view]Benafel and Hayashi
[view]Feature Match Round 4:Alex Shvartsman vs. Osamu Fujita
[view]Osamu Fujita in his Feature Match
[view]Grand Prix regular Alex Shvartsman
[view]Feature Match Round 4:Djinn Okamoto vs. Masasiro Kuroda
[view]Djinn Okamoto in his Feature Match
[view]Masasiro Kuroda considers
[view]Deckbuilders 03:Itaru Ishida
[view]Deckbuilders 02:Masashiro Kuroda
[view]Deckbuilders 01:Chikara Hayashi
[view]Round 3 Feature Match: Masahiko Morita vs. Tadayoshi Komiya
[view]Masahiko Morita in his Feature Match
[view]Tadayoshi Komiya in his Round 3
[view]Round 3 Feature Match: Kazuo Imura vs. Toshiki Tsukamoto
[view]Kazuo Imura
[view]The Japanese Legend in his Feature Match
[view]Takahiro p Endo
[view]Youichiro Yamakawa
[view]Round 2 Feature Match:Takahiro Endo vs. Youichiro Yamakawa
[view]Chikara Hayashi plays this time
[view]Takanori Matsuzaki in his Featue Match
[view]Round 2 Feature Match:Takanori Matsuzaki vs. Chikara Hayashi
[view]Tomoni Ohtsuka
[view]Norihiro Kunii
[view]Norihiro Kunii vs. Tomomi Ohtsuka
[view]Hiroyuki Waga in his Feature Match
[view]Fumihiko Sano ,well known deck builder
[view]Round 1 Feature Match:Hiroyuki Waga vs. Fumihiko Sano

Site Pictures

[view]Snow white Grand Prix in Wasse Sendai

Staff Pictures

[view]Sideboard writer Masashiro Kuroda and Head Judge Takefumi Ichinohe
[view]Reporter Josh Bennett displays his protege
[view]Cub Sideboard reporter Eli Kaplan has a high-profile fanclub
[view]The judges
[view]Head Judge,Takufumi Ichinohe from Hobby Japan

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