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Round 9 Pairings by Player

American Beauty16vs.Insufficient Randomizatio18
Dark Side of the Moo21vs.Your Move Games21
Gazebo Slayers15vs.Team Bread Delivery15
Huey, Ben, and Casey19vs.Tenacious D 3D19
Insufficient Randomizatio18vs.American Beauty16
Just For Men18vs.Team Grrrrr18
Kryptonite13vs.Team Diesel15
Look Out Bello18vs.The Bedell Famil18
Sufficiently Randomized16vs.Team Work16
Team Antarctic22vs.Team Paradox21
Team Bread Delivery15vs.Gazebo Slayers15
Team Diesel15vs.Kryptonite13
Team Grrrrr18vs.Just For Men18
Team Paradox21vs.Team Antarctic22
Team Work16vs.Sufficiently Randomized16
Tenacious D 3D19vs.Huey, Ben, and Casey19
The Bedell Famil18vs.Look Out Bello18
Your Move Games21vs.Dark Side of the Moo21

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