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Round 8 Results

American BeautyKryptonite Won, 2-1
China CatInsufficient RandomizationLost, 0-2
Dark Side of the MoonTeam GrrrrrWon, 2-0
Gazebo Slayers*** BYE ***
Huey, Ben, and CaseySufficiently RandomizedWon, 2-0
Insufficient RandomizationChina CatWon, 2-0
Just For MenTeam DieselWon, 2-1
Kryptonite American BeautyLost, 1-2
Look Out BelloTeam ParadoxLost, 0-2
Sufficiently RandomizedHuey, Ben, and CaseyLost, 0-2
Team AntarcticaYour Move GamesWon, 1-0-2
Team Bread DeliveryThe Bedell FamilyLost, 1-2
Team DieselJust For MenLost, 1-2
Team GrrrrrDark Side of the MoonLost, 0-2
Team ParadoxLook Out BelloWon, 2-0
Team WorkTenacious D 3DLost, 1-2
Tenacious D 3DTeam WorkWon, 2-1
The Bedell FamilyTeam Bread DeliveryWon, 2-1
Your Move GamesTeam AntarcticaLost, 0-1-2

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