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Round 6 Results

Afro-Cuban RhythmBentley Renunion TourWon, 2-0
Aixelsyd MaetKryptonite Lost, 1-2
All-Star Simpson Defense TeaTN ConnectionLost, 1-2
American BeautyBolting SoulsWon, 2-1
Apac NationPotato HeadsLost, 0-2
Bentley Renunion TourAfro-Cuban RhythmLost, 0-2
Billy. TeamThe FixLost, 1-2
Bloated ToadBunch O NutsWon, 2-1
Bolting SoulsAmerican BeautyLost, 1-2
Bunch O NutsBloated ToadLost, 1-2
Car Acrobatic TeamNew Big DogsWon, 2-0
China CatTeam ParadoxLost, 1-2
Dark Side of the MoonTeam Bread DeliveryWon, 2-0
Egghead GamesTeam AntarcticaLost, 0-2
Fear and Loathing in NYSufficiently RandomizedLost, 1-2
Five LegsOld Man and His MinionsDrew, 1-1
Fleur de LysTeam QCJDrew, 1-1
Forbidden DonutTeam JankLost, 1-2
FTL TeamTeam ShephardLost, 0-2
Gazebo SlayersInsufficient RandomizationLost, 0-2
Golden GuysTeam StruzzinLost, 0-2
Huey, Ben, and CaseySuspicion Breeds ConfidenceWon, 2-1
Insufficient RandomizationGazebo SlayersWon, 2-0
Just For MenLook Out BelloLost, 1-2
Kryptonite Aixelsyd MaetWon, 2-1
Look Out BelloJust For MenWon, 2-1
New Big DogsCar Acrobatic TeamLost, 0-2
Old Man and His MinionsFive LegsDrew, 1-1
Potato HeadsApac NationWon, 2-0
Potato NationTeam DieselLost, 1-2
Really RottensTeam WassabiLost, 0-2
Rug DoctorsThree CheatersLost, 0-2
Sufficiently RandomizedFear and Loathing in NYWon, 2-1
Suspicion Breeds ConfidenceHuey, Ben, and CaseyLost, 1-2
Team AntarcticaEgghead GamesWon, 2-0
Team Bread DeliveryDark Side of the MoonLost, 0-2
Team Chimera*** BYE ***
Team DieselPotato NationWon, 2-1
Team GoldfishV Lost, 1-2
Team GrrrrrTeam WorkWon, 2-1
Team JankForbidden DonutWon, 2-1
Team ParadoxChina CatWon, 2-1
Team QCJFleur de LysDrew, 1-1
Team ShephardFTL TeamWon, 2-0
Team StruzzinGolden GuysWon, 2-0
Team WassabiReally RottensWon, 2-0
Team WorkTeam GrrrrrLost, 1-2
Tenacious D 3DYour Move GamesLost, 1-2
That's Armageddon, Baby!The Fix Is InLost, 1-2
The Bedell FamilyTwo Lawyers and a LeiherWon, 2-1
The FixBilly. TeamWon, 2-1
The Fix Is InThat's Armageddon, Baby!Won, 2-1
Three CheatersRug DoctorsWon, 2-0
TN ConnectionAll-Star Simpson Defense TeaWon, 2-1
Two Lawyers and a LeiherThe Bedell FamilyLost, 1-2
V Team GoldfishWon, 2-1
Your Move GamesTenacious D 3DWon, 2-1

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