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Round 5 Results

Afro-Cuban RhythmForbidden DonutWon, 2-1
Aixelsyd MaetInsufficient RandomizationLost, 1-2
All-Star Simpson Defense TeaTeam AntarcticaLost, 0-2
American BeautyHuey, Ben, and CaseyDrew, 1-1
Apac NationTeam CerebusWon, 2-0
Bentley Renunion TourTeam ParadoxLost, 1-2
Billy. TeamEgghead GamesLost, 1-2
Bloated ToadFive LegsWon, 2-0
Bolting SoulsSuspicion Breeds ConfidenceDrew, 1-1
Bunch O NutsGod's PizzaWon, 2-0
Car Acrobatic TeamTeam RamenWon, 2-1
China CatLook Out BelloLost, 0-2
Dark Side of the MoonJust For MenLost, 1-2
Egghead GamesBilly. TeamWon, 2-1
Fear and Loathing in NYNasty ButlerWon, 2-1
Five LegsBloated ToadLost, 0-2
Fleur de LysTwo Lawyers and a LeiherLost, 1-2
Forbidden DonutAfro-Cuban RhythmLost, 1-2
FTL TeamKryptonite Lost, 0-2
Gazebo SlayersYour Move GamesLost, 1-2
God's PizzaBunch O NutsLost, 0-2
Golden GuysTeam CowLost, 1-2
Huey, Ben, and CaseyAmerican BeautyDrew, 1-1
Insufficient RandomizationAixelsyd MaetWon, 2-1
Just For MenDark Side of the MoonWon, 2-1
Kryptonite FTL TeamWon, 2-0
Look Out BelloChina CatWon, 2-0
Lords of the UnderworldThe FixLost, 1-2
Nasty ButlerFear and Loathing in NYLost, 1-2
New Big DogsOld Man and His MinionsWon, 2-0
Old Man and His MinionsNew Big DogsLost, 0-2
Potato HeadsTeam Bread DeliveryLost, 1-2
Potato NationTeam JankWon, 2-1
Really RottensTeam ShadyWon, 2-0
Roll and TackTeam WassabiLost, 0-2
Rug DoctorsTeam DieselLost, 0-2
Sufficiently RandomizedTeam QCJWon, 2-0
Suspicion Breeds ConfidenceBolting SoulsDrew, 1-1
Team AntarcticaAll-Star Simpson Defense TeaWon, 2-0
Team Bread DeliveryPotato HeadsWon, 2-1
Team CerebusApac NationLost, 0-2
Team ChimeraTeam StruzzinLost, 0-2
Team CowGolden GuysWon, 2-1
Team DieselRug DoctorsWon, 2-0
Team GoldfishTeam XanaduWon, 2-1
Team GrrrrrTenacious D 3DLost, 0-2
Team JankPotato NationLost, 1-2
Team One-Twenty SoulThat's Armageddon, Baby!Lost, 1-2
Team ParadoxBentley Renunion TourWon, 2-1
Team QCJSufficiently RandomizedLost, 0-2
Team RamenCar Acrobatic TeamLost, 1-2
Team ShadyReally RottensLost, 0-2
Team SheetzThree CheatersLost, 0-2
Team ShephardThe Fix Is InLost, 1-2
Team StruzzinTeam ChimeraWon, 2-0
Team WassabiRoll and TackWon, 2-0
Team WorkTN ConnectionWon, 2-1
Team XanaduTeam GoldfishLost, 1-2
Tenacious D 3DTeam GrrrrrWon, 2-0
That's Armageddon, Baby!Team One-Twenty SoulWon, 2-1
The Bedell FamilyV Won, 2-1
The FixLords of the UnderworldWon, 2-1
The Fix Is InTeam ShephardWon, 2-1
Three CheatersTeam SheetzWon, 2-0
TN ConnectionTeam WorkLost, 1-2
Two Lawyers and a LeiherFleur de LysWon, 2-1
V The Bedell FamilyLost, 1-2
Your Move GamesGazebo SlayersWon, 2-1

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