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Round 4 Pairings by Player

Afro-Cuban Rhythmvs.Fleur de Lys
Aixelsyd Maevs.Tenacious D 3D
All-Star Simpson Defense Teavs.Team One-Twenty Soul
American Beautyvs.Team Two
Apac Nationvs.Kryptonite
Bentley Renunion Tourvs.Team Ramen
Billy. Teamvs.Gazebo Slayers
Bloated Toadvs.Team Cow
Bolting Soulsvs.Your Move Games
Bunch O Nutvs.Egghead Games
Car Acrobatic Teamvs.Team Struzzin
China Cavs.Team Bread Delivery
Dark Side of the Moovs.Insufficient Randomizatio
Egghead Gamesvs.Bunch O Nut
Fear and Loathing in NYvs.Three Cheaters
Five Legsvs.Team Shut Yo Mouth!!
Fleur de Lysvs.Afro-Cuban Rhythm
Forbidden Donutvs.Team QCJ
FTL Teamvs.Really Rottens
Gas, Inc.vs.Potato Heads
Gazebo Slayersvs.Billy. Team
God's Pizzvs.Two Lawyers and a Leiher
Golden Guysvs.*** BYE ***
Huey, Ben, and Caseyvs.The Fix
Insufficient Randomizatiovs.Dark Side of the Moo
Just For Menvs.Sufficiently Randomized
Kryptonitevs.Apac Nation
Look Out Bellovs.Nasty Butler
Lords of the Underworldvs.Team Bells
Nasty Butlervs.Look Out Bello
New Big Dogsvs.V
Old Man and His Minionsvs.Team Paradox
Pam and the Fuzzy Bunnievs.Team Chimera
Potato Headsvs.Gas, Inc.
Potato Nationvs.Team Sheetz
Really Rottensvs.FTL Team
Roll and Tackvs.Team Diesel
Rug Doctorsvs.Team Shephard
Sufficiently Randomizedvs.Just For Men
Suspicion Breeds Confidencevs.Team Grrrrr
Team Antarcticvs.Team Work
Team Bellsvs.Lords of the Underworld
Team Bread Deliveryvs.China Ca
Team Cerebusvs.Team Taint
Team Chimeravs.Pam and the Fuzzy Bunnie
Team Cowvs.Bloated Toad
Team Dieselvs.Roll and Tack
Team Goldfishvs.Two Yanks and a Canuck
Team Grrrrrvs.Suspicion Breeds Confidence
Team Jankvs.Team Shady
Team One-Twenty Soulvs.All-Star Simpson Defense Tea
Team Outpostvs.Team Wassabi
Team Paradoxvs.Old Man and His Minions
Team QCJvs.Forbidden Donut
Team Ramenvs.Bentley Renunion Tour
Team Shadyvs.Team Jank
Team Sheetzvs.Potato Nation
Team Shephardvs.Rug Doctors
Team Shut Yo Mouth!!vs.Five Legs
Team Struzzinvs.Car Acrobatic Team
Team Taintvs.Team Cerebus
Team Twovs.American Beauty
Team Wassabivs.Team Outpost
Team Workvs.Team Antarctic
Team Xanaduvs.The Bedell Famil
Tenacious D 3Dvs.Aixelsyd Mae
That's Armageddon, Baby!vs.TN Connection
The Bedell Familvs.Team Xanadu
The Fixvs.Huey, Ben, and Casey
The Fix Is Invs.The Nameless Ones
The Nameless Onesvs.The Fix Is In
Three Cheatersvs.Fear and Loathing in NY
TN Connectionvs.That's Armageddon, Baby!
Two Lawyers and a Leihervs.God's Pizz
Two Yanks and a Canuckvs.Team Goldfish
Vvs.New Big Dogs
Your Move Gamesvs.Bolting Souls

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