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Round 4 Pairings by Table

Table Player Player
Golden Guys*** BYE ***
1Team GrrrrrSuspicion Breeds Confidence
2Aixelsyd MaetTenacious D 3D
3Team Bread DeliveryChina Cat
4Your Move GamesBolting Souls
5Nasty ButlerLook Out Bello
6Dark Side of the MoonInsufficient Randomization
7Team WorkTeam Antarctica
8Sufficiently RandomizedJust For Men
9Gazebo SlayersBilly. Team
10Team One-Twenty SoulAll-Star Simpson Defense Tea
11Team DieselRoll and Tack
12Fleur de LysAfro-Cuban Rhythm
13New Big DogsV
14American BeautyTeam Two
15Huey, Ben, and CaseyThe Fix
16Bunch O NutsEgghead Games
17Rug DoctorsTeam Shephard
18God's PizzaTwo Lawyers and a Leiher
19Three CheatersFear and Loathing in NY
20That's Armageddon, Baby!TN Connection
21Team RamenBentley Renunion Tour
22Old Man and His MinionsTeam Paradox
23The Bedell FamilyTeam Xanadu
24Team SheetzPotato Nation
25Potato HeadsGas, Inc.
26Forbidden DonutTeam QCJ
27Apac NationKryptonite
28Team ShadyTeam Jank
29Really RottensFTL Team
30Team CowBloated Toad
31The Nameless OnesThe Fix Is In
32Two Yanks and a CanuckTeam Goldfish
33Lords of the UnderworldTeam Bells
34Team TaintTeam Cerebus
35Car Acrobatic TeamTeam Struzzin
36Team Shut Yo Mouth!!Five Legs
37Team OutpostTeam Wassabi
38Pam and the Fuzzy BunnieTeam Chimera

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