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Round 3 Pairings by Table

1V Nasty Butler
2Team ShephardTenacious D 3D
3Aixelsyd MaetPotato Nation
4The FixTeam Grrrrr
5Suspicion Breeds ConfidenceGas, Inc.
6Forbidden DonutSufficiently Randomized
7Dark Side of the MoonThe Bedell Family
8Your Move GamesHuey, Ben, and Casey
9Look Out BelloTeam Xanadu
10Billy. TeamTeam Sheetz
11Bolting SoulsFear and Loathing in NY
12Just For MenGod's Pizza
13Team AntarcticaRug Doctors
14China CatBunch O Nuts
15Team ParadoxTeam Work
16Gazebo SlayersTeam QCJ
17Three CheatersTeam Bread Delivery
18Insufficient RandomizationThat's Armageddon, Baby!
19Team One-Twenty SoulApac Nation
20Kryptonite Team Ramen
21Team TaintBentley Renunion Tour
22The Nameless OnesRoll and Tack
23Old Man and His MinionsFatsoono Team
24Low ExpectationsTwo Lawyers and a Leiher
25Team TwoTeam Goldfish
26The Fix Is InFleur de Lys
27Kamikaze Matt'sAmerican Beauty
28TN ConnectionTeam Struzzin
29New Big DogsTeam Cerebus
30Car Acrobatic TeamPotato Heads
31Team CowAfro-Cuban Rhythm
32Egghead GamesFive Legs
33Team DieselTeam Bells
34Team Shut Yo Mouth!!All-Star Simpson Defense Tea
35Team JankTeam Outpost
36Pam and the Fuzzy BunnieFTL Team
37Team ShadyTLF Spawn
38Really RottensOx
39Team WassabiThe Fighting Tuna
40The Mountain YetisTwo Yanks and a Canuck
41The Amish MobTeam Chimera
42Pittsburgh BlueShort Bus
43Team 6$ Sub 2Bloated Toad
44Lords of the UnderworldGolden Guys

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