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Mini-Movies from Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2000

  • [view] The two final teams draft for the Finals. (1.2MB MPEG)
  • [view] Chris Pikula gives Alex Balandin advice on how to build his deck. (680K MPEG)
  • [view] Team Paradox (Dave Price, Matt Vienneau, and Gary Krakower) reminisce about the pack that gave them Seal of Doom, Ancient Hydra, and Predator, Flagship. (720K MPEG)
  • [view] Huey, Ben, and Casey open a pack and then pass the table over to Zvi, Seth, and Brian. (Lots of gesturing ensues.) Casey, Ben, and Huey went on to win this match 2-1. (1.4MB MPEG)
  • [view] Team Antarctica and Suspicion Breed Confidence opened their second set of sealed decks while sitting next to each other. (1.3MB MPEG)
  • [view] Paradox evalutes their options as the build their second set of sealed decks. (928K MPEG)
  • [view] What do the PT regulars do while everyone else plays the first two rounds? Practice against each other! (432K MPEG)

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