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Grand Prix-San Diego 1999
Photo Coverage

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Rob Dougherty (L), Dave Price, and John "Daddy" Yoo before the first draft.

John "Daddy" Yoo, Dave Williams, and Gary Krakower before the first draft.

John Yoo sizes up the competition (in the form of Dave Price)

Alan Comer (L) and Jim Kirpanos

Thomas Pannell (L), Adam Katz, and Chris Raney

Mike Guptil (L), Dan Gray, and Scott Larabee during the draft instructions

Monastary Productions' Kelly Cavanaugh

GP San Diego Organizer Ray "Monkster" Powers

"will work for food"

Bob Blackman, Ph.D supervises a draft

Collin Jackson, International Man of Mystery

First Place after day 1, Dave Price

Dave Price, first booster, making the choice between white (Thermal Glider) or Red (shock troops) - Price chose Shock Troops (Duh!)

Dave Price reviews his cards after the first booster. He is now solidly in Green/Red.

John Yoo, sitting to the left of Dave Price, solidly in Red/Black

Rob Dougherty, to the right of Dave Price, drafting Black

Dave Price (L) and John Yoo review cards after the second booster

Dan Gray (C) repremanding Ernest Alexander (R) for drafting errors. Gary Krakower (L) continues to draft.

Collin Jackson pointing

Dave Price getting ready for deck construction
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