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Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Day 1 Round 3 Feature Match

Dave Humpherys vs Matt Linde

Game 1

Humpherys won the toss and played first, getting a Birds of Paradise, a Wall of Roots, and a Survival of the Fittest on the table by the time Linde's Rancored Pouncing Jaguar attacked on turn two. Linde sacrificed his wall to the big kitty, then used Survival to pitch an Uktabi Orangutan and get an Acedemy Rector. On his next turn, he played out the Rector, then threw it under the claws of the Jaguar, getting a Recurring Nightmare. Linde played out an Elvish Lyrist, Llanowar Elf, Winter Orb, and rancored the Jaguar again thanks to a Gaea's Cradle, but on Humpherys' next turn, he Survivaled for a Verdant Force, then for a Spike Weaver, used the Recurring Nightmare to put out the Verdant, then played another Birds of Paradise to try to keep the Winter Orb from choking him. Linde played out a pair of Albino Trolls over the next couple turns, and managed to use his Lyrist to kill Humphreys' Survival of the Fittest, but couldn't stop the Verdant Force plus its tokens getting Recurring Nightmared into real creatures, and concedes.

1-0 Humpherys

Game 1

Linde played first and mulliganed after accidentally drawing 8 cards. He again started with a turn 1 pouncing Jaguar, but the Jaguar couldn't break through Humpherys' Walls of Roots and Shield Spheres. Linde does however manage to play a Phyrexian Furnace on turn 3 which threw the game into a holding pattern as neither player had enough to attack with, after a Humpherys Spike Feeder traded with a Linde Jaguar. Humpherys tried to take control with a Ghitu Slinger on turn 5 targetting an Elvish Lyrist, but the Lyrist was Giant Growthed. Linde continued to cycle Wild Dogs looking for a way to break through, but Humpherys finally found the key on his ninth turn with Survival of the Fittest, getting an Uktabi Orangutan to remove the Furnace. Linde then went into attack mode, slapping down a Lumbering Satyr and two Rancors to drop Humpherys to 14 and threaten victory the next turn, but Dave was able to survival a Spike Weaver in the graveyard, and was eventually able to Uktabi Linde's Winter Orb, giving him infinite fogs with unblockable creatures.

2-0 Humpherys

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