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Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Round 5 Feature Match

Derek Rank vs. Andre Konstanczer

Derek Rank

Andre Konstanczer

Rank, lifetime 0-6 in feature matches, won the toss and chose to play first. He started with islands and a powder keg, matched by Konstanczer's Thawing Glaciers and islands, dropping a keg of his own a couple turns later. Konstanczer found a waste for Rank's Thawing Glacier, but Rank couldn't answer back. For several turns both players jostled back playing nothing but land and killing each others' Powder Kegs and Nevinyrral's Disks. Eventually, Konstanczer thawed out a Forest, and a few turns later showed his first green card -- a Gaea's Blessing. Both players cast several Impulses looking for cards until Rank cast a Morphling with Konstanczer allowed to resolve, disappointing Rank. Konstanczer came back on his turn with an Oath of Druids and Sylvan Library and used the oath to come up with a Spike Feeder and, eventually, a Spike Weaver, causing Rank to concede.

1-0 Konstanczer

Both players had slight mana problems as Rank got only 1 island then a Dust Bowl (Wastelanded by Konstanczer), then a string of Wastelands for his own mana while Konstanczer didn't get an island on the table until his third turn. Both players cast an amazing amount of library manipulation in this game -- a total of 5 Brainstorms and 6 Impulses looking to go. On Rank's third Impulse (his second was Force of Willed) he had the option of getting a Thawing Glaciers to find islands or a Rainbow Efreet. Rank took the Rainbow Efreet, knowing it to be very strong against counter-oath. When Konstanczer left himself down to 1 available mana after casting Trade Routes on his turn, Rank topdecked a second island and was able to cast the Rainbow Efreet. Rank then managed to use four wastelands in the following three turns to knock out 2 Treetop Villages, which denied Konstanczer green mana, and a Thawing Glaciers. Konstanczer was unable to stop the attacking Efreet without green mana and eventually fell to it.


With only 10 minutes remaining in the round, both players agreed to draw without time for either deck to reach victory.

Draw, 1-1

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