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Pro Tour-Chicago 1999
Judge List

There are so many judges for this event that DCI Reporter manifested a bug, and wouldn't accept more than twenty.

Nat Fairbanks, Level 4
Cyril Grillon, Level 4
Thomas Walla, Level 3
Dominick Riesland, Level 2
Ken Horton, Level 3
Thomas Bisballe Jensen, Level 4
Chris Page, Level 2
James Lee, Level 3
John Shannon, Level 2
Randy Rierson, Level 3
Shawn Jeffries, Level 2
Marc Aquino, Level 2
Robert Nicaise
Jym Rescinides, Level 2
Sheldon Menery, Level 3
Victor Aldridge, Level 2
Steve Port, Level 2
Duncan McGregor, Level 2
Mike Feuell, Level 3
Mike Guptil, Level 4
Rune Horvik, Level 3
Kai Koon, Level 3
Tim Weissman, Level 2
Ken Roth, Level 3
Carl Crook, Level 4
Mark Rosewater, Level 4
John Carter, Level 3
Chris Zantides, Level 4
Jeff Donais, Level 5
Collin Jackson, Level 3
Dan Gray, Level 4
Conan Blackwell, Level 2
Beth Moursund, Level 3

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