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Fantasy Pro Tour Results

Sideboard Staff

Team Your Move Games won Pro Tour-Washington DC, the first Team-format Pro Tour. When announcing the results of the Fantasy Pro Tour, the term "roster" is used to reflect the list of teams that Fantasy Pro Tour "owners" had.

The most successful roster ("What would Brian Boitano do?") was owned by Scot Martin, who picked Team New Wave, Team Sped, Game Empire, and Your Move Games. Although New Wave and Sped finished out of the money, picking the top two teams was enough to carry the roster to victory, with a total of $3928.57. Interestingly, Scot Martin has also just won Round 6 of the Question Mark trivia contest.

Leslie E. Sinks III's "La Quinta" roster came second, led by Game Empire. Third place Team Antartica and fourteenth-place The Tank added to Leslie's total. DKLA was also on the roster, which earned $3,365.00.

The third place finisher in the Fantasy Pro Tour was Matthew Symington and his roster (named "I will win"). In addition to second-place finishers Game Empire, Matthew had Team Antarctica. Also on the roster, but not contributing to the totalof $2,875.00, were Legion NY and Think Tank

Hogan Long came in fourth place with his "GOM Plus" roster, composed of Grumpy Old Men, Urban Housing, Team Antarctica, and Your Move Games. GOM Plus received $2,823.57.

The most popular team was Team New Wave, which was picked by 31 of the 85 teams. Unfortunately for those 31 teams, though, Team New Wave had a disappointing tournament.

Tied for second were Team Antarctica and Team CCC, with 24 picks. The top four teams from the actual tournament were picked:

Your Move Games: 21 picks, $30,000. Each roster credited for $1,428.57
Game Empire: 6 picks, $15,000. Each roster credited for $2,500
Antarctica: 24 picks, $9,000. Each roster credited for $375
THL: No picks. $7500. If anyone had picked THL, they would have won the Fantasy Pro Tour.

The next Fantasy Pro Tour will be for Pro Tour-London. Watch for an announcement soon.

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