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Fantasy Pro Tour-London Results

Sideboard Staff

US National Champion Kyle Rose won Pro Tour-London, and was picked by 13 people to be on their Fantasy Pro Tour Roster. His $25,000 prize was thus split into $1,923.08 in Fantasy Money. Runner-up Thomas Preyer was picked by nobody, so his $15,000 prize didn't affect anybody's Fantasy Pro Tour roster.

Terry Tsang's "Asian Hitmen", consisting of himself, Gab Tsang, Mike Turian, Ryan Fuller, Ben Rubin, Jeff Fung, William Jensen, and Igor Frayman, came in first place, largely on the strength of Ben Rubin, who appeared only on Terry's roster. Rubin's $8,000 prize thus went entirely onto Tsang's bottom line, and Terry ended up with a roster worth $8,963.06.

Fabien Francois came in second with a largely European team, which had Vincent Gieling, Jean-Louis D'Hondt, Janosch Kuhn, Raphael Levy, Alex Shvartsman, Stephan Valkyser, Pierre Girondroux, and Linus Vernyns. The big earner for Francois was D'Hondt, whose $2590 sixteenth-place earnings went unclaimed except for this one roster. Shvartsman made $2,920, but was picked on seven rosters, so each roster only got $417.14. Francois's roster was worth $4858.81.

In third place was Eric Froehlich's "Mid-Antlantican Team", featuring Don Gallitz, Mike Katz, Matt Linde, Kyle Rose, Steve Cowley, Eric Froehlich, Ken Russell, and Nate Heiss. In addition to Rose, Froehlich had two players providing more than $400 in Mike Katz and himself (Froehlich came in 60th in London, making $420 - as he was the only person to pick himself, he also provided $420 in Fantasy Money).

The fourth place team was Ken Russell. His team ("Team Ken Russell") had himself, Kyle Rose, Matt Linde, Brock Parker, Don Gallitz, Steve Cowley, Mike Katz, and Mike Krzywicki. In addition to Rose and Katz, Russell got $276.67 for being one of the six people to pick Don Gallitz and his $1,660 prize for 25th place.

The most popular Pro Tour Player was Gary Wise, picked by 55 of the 117 participating owners. Gary's $3,110 winnings ended up providing only $56.55 in fantasy money to the owners that picked him.

Below is a chart of the most popular players and how they did both as players at the Pro Tour and as picks in the Fantasy Pro Tour.

Player# PicksWinningsWorth
Gary Wise55$3,110$56.55
Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz53$2,300$43.40
Jon Finkel44$0$0.00
Michael Turian36$1,230$34.17
Kai Budde31$3,520$113.55
Zvi Mowshowitz28$3,750$133.93
Randy Buehler22$0$0.00
Ben Farkas22$0$0.00
Casey McCarrel21$0$0.00
Mark Le Pine19$0$0.00
Darwin Kastle18$4,300$238.89
Dirk Baberowski18$1,580$87.78
Mike Long15$0$0.00
Brian Hacker14$1,750$125.00
Patrick Chapin14$0$0.00
David Humpherys14$0$0.00
Kyle Rose13$25,000$1,923.08
Sigurd Eskeland13$0$0.00
Svend Geertsen13$0$0.00
Andre Konstanczer13$0$0.00
Andre Konstanczer13$0$0.00
Terry Tsang13$0$0.00
David Price12$0$0.00
Matt Linde11$490$44.55
Justin Gary10$1,500$150.00
Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz10$0$0.00

The next Fantasy Pro Tour will be for Pro Tour-Chicago. Watch for an announcement soon.

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