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Fantasy Pro Tour Chicago Results

Sideboard Staff

Bob Maher, Jr. won Pro Tour-Chicago, and was picked by 6 people to be on their Fantasy Pro Tour Roster. His $25,000 prize was thus split into $4,166.67 in Fantasy Money. Runner-up Brian Davis was picked by nobody, so his $15,000 prize didn't affect anybody's Fantasy Pro Tour roster. This is the second Pro Tour in a row in which nobody picked the second-place finisher to be on their team.

Richard Edbury's "Richards Team" came in first, on the strength of Top 8 finishers Raphael Levy and Tony Dobson. Levy appeared on only five rosters, while Dobson had been picked only by Edbury. Edbury was also one of only two people to select tenth-place finisher John Ormerod. Edbury's roster was rounded out with Rob Dougherty, David Williams, Ryan Fuller, Kyle Kloeckner, and Michael Pustilnik.

Although he didn't make it to the event itself, Gabriel Tsang took second with a roster entitled "The most random prize I've ever won!" In addition to Raphael Levy and Bob Maher, Jr., Tsang picked Jeff Cunningham, Pete Radonjic, Mark Gordon, Chris Senhouse, Terry Lau, and Jay Elarar.

In third place was Jelger Wiegersma's "The Dutch (and some other random Europeans)." Wiegersma posted a high score without naming any players in the Top 8. His team was largely anchored by his own eleventh-place, $3750 performance, which he was the only person to predict. Stephan Valkyser's sixteenth-place finish (which was split among two people other than Wiegersma) helped, too. Also on the roster were Bram Snepvangers, Bas Postema, Sven Dijt, Mark Ligtvoet, Andrej Renko, and Ziga Fritz.

The fourth place finisher was Rainer Plaumann, with his multinational "We are the World." In addition to Raphael Levy, Plaumann had good finishes from Christian Luhrs (whose third-place finish was shared among three Fantasy Pro Tour participants) and Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz and Jakub Slemr. Also on the team, but not adding to the total, were Svend Geertsen, Andre Konstanczer. Toshiki Tsukamoto, and William Cavaglieri.

The most popular Pro Tour Player was Zvi Mowshowitz, picked by 35 players. Mowshowitz finished out of the money. The second player was Darwin Kastle, whose $720 in winnings was split among 27 players to provide $26.67 in Fantasy Money.

Below is a chart of the most popular players and how they did both as players at the Pro Tour and as picks in the Fantasy Pro Tour.

Player# PicksWinningsWorth
Zvi Mowshowitz3500
Darwin Kastle2772026.6666667
Mark Le Pine2500
Kyle Rose2400
Tommi Hovi2400
Kai Budde2351022.173913
Jon Finkel202920146
David Humpherys1800
Brian Hacker1800
Jakub Slemr16158098.75
William Jensen1600
Alan Comer156500433.333333
Gary Krakower1581054
Adrian Sullivan1500
Matt Linde1500
Alex Shvartsman1500
Donald Gallitz131940149.230769
Terry Tsang1300
Robert Dougherty1300
Erik Lauer130
David Price1200
Michael Pustilnik1200
Chris Senhouse1100
Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz1100
Ben Farkas1100
Justin Gary102300230
Jamie Parke1084084
Nicolas Labarre900
Chris Pikula900
Patrick Chapin83520440
David Williams840050
Svend Geertsen800
Jason Opalka800
Igor Frayman800
Matthew Rauseo800
Patrick Johnson800
Bill Macey800
Randy Buehler80
Dirk Baberowski75500785.714286
Pete Radonjic71840262.857143
Ben Rubin700
Mike Long70
Bob Maher, Jr.6250004166.66667
Lan Ho63310551.666667
Kurt Burgner61750291.666667
Peter Guevin61290215
Gary Wise600
Stephen McArthur600
Timothy Wu600
Jamie Wakefield600
Michael Turian600
Sigurd Eskeland600
Brian Selden60

The next Fantasy Pro Tour will be for Pro Tour Los Angeles 2000.

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