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Fantasy Pro Tour LA Results

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Trevor Blackwell won Pro Tour-Chicago, and was picked by 6 people to be on their Fantasy Pro Tour Roster, the same number of people that picked Bob Maher, Jr. for Pro Tour-Chicago. Blackwell's $25,000 prize was thus split into $4,166.67 in Fantasy Money. Runner-up Chris Benafel was picked by four people, and his $15,000 prize was split into $3,750.

Jorge Cho's "Cho-Manno Rebels" came in first, on the strength of Top 8 finishers Trevor Blackwell and Kurt Burgner. Burgner, who finished third, appeared on eight rosters. Cho's roster also included Kai Budde, Dany Charlish, Wai Cheng, Rodrigo Constanza, David Devenport, and Justin Gary. Cho's roster was worth $6,491.67.

Michael Petersohn finished in second place with "The Random Roster," worth $4,682.58. In addition to Blackwell, Petersohn listed eighth-place finisher Brian Selden (picked by ten other people, Selden's $4,300 real-world winings translated to $390.91 in fantasy money for the roster owners) and 41st-place finisher Mikko Lintamo. The non-money-winners on The Random Roster were Marc Nolan, Karl Schmidt, Stein Johannesen, Jelger Wiegersma, and Chad Ellis.

In third place was Cy Cook's "Sleepless Specials." Cook's roster was worth $4,335.50. In addition to Chris Benafel, Cook had 21st-place finisher, Mike Thompson, 33rd-place finisher John Yoo, and 27th-place finisher Justin Gary, in addition to Phillip Freneau, Tim Kariel, Adam Strong, and Eric Taylor.

The fourth place finisher was Trevor Yeomans, with his imaginatively named "The Roster." Yeomans had Trevor Blackwell and Matt Linde, whose $920 was cut down to $61.33 after all fifteen rosters got their share. Also on The Roster, but not contributing to the total, were Kai Budde, Mark Le Pine, Gabriel Tsang, Forrest Evans, Alex Shvartsman, and David Price.

The most popular Pro Tour Player was William Jensen, picked by 37 players. Jensen's $840 worked out to each roster receiving $22.70. The second player was Michael Turian, who finished out of the money, and provided no money to the 35 rosters on which he was included.

Below is a chart of the most popular players and how they did both as players at the Pro Tour and as picks in the Fantasy Pro Tour.

Player# PicksWinningsWorth
William Jensen37$840$22.70
Michael Turian35$0$0.00
Darwin Kastle33$3,750$113.64
Kai Budde32$0$0.00
Kyle Rose32$0$0.00
Steven OMS31$0$0.00
Gary Wise29$0$0.00
Alex Shvartsman26$0$0.00
Jon Finkel26$0$0.00
Brian Hacker23$0$0.00
Justin Gary22$1,430$65.00
David Williams21$1,840$87.62
Gabriel Tsang19$0$0.00
David Price18$0$0.00
Igor Frayman17$2,440$143.53
Ben Rubin16$0$0.00
Matt Linde15$920$61.33
Brian Kibler15$0$0.00
Svend Geertsen15$0$0.00
Charles Kornblith15$0$0.00
Alan Comer14$0$0.00
Mike Long13$8,000$615.38
Donald Gallitz13$780$60.00
Dirk Baberowski13$0$0.00
Daniel Clegg12$0$0.00
Bob Maher Jr.12$0$0.00
Mike Bregoli12$0$0.00
Brian Selden11$4,300$390.91
Gary Krakower11$0$0.00
Shawn Regnier11$0$0.00
Zvi Mowshowitz11$0$0.00
Trey Van Cleave11$0$0.00
Nicolai Herzog10$3,110$311.00
Gunnar Refsdal10$960$96.00
Christian Luhrs10$0$0.00
Raphael Levy10$0$0.00
Blake Quelle10$0$0.00
Worth Wollpert10$0$0.00
Terry Tsang9$2,170$241.11
Jelger Wiegersma9$0$0.00
Robert Dougherty9$0$0.00
David Humpherys9$0$0.00
Kurt Burgner8$10,000$1,250.00
John Yoo8$1,060$132.50
Randy Wright8$440$55.00
Stephan Valkyser8$415$51.88
Patrick Chapin8$0$0.00
Abraham Snepvangers8$0$0.00
Jakub Slemr8$0$0.00
Eric James8$0$0.00
Mike Krzywicki8$0$0.00
Jason Means8$0$0.00
Ben Farkas8$0$0.00
The next Fantasy Pro Tour will be for Pro Tour New York 2000.

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