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Fantasy Pro Tour - Pro Tour-New York Results

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Sigurd Eskeland won Pro Tour-Chicago, and was picked by 10 people to be on their Fantasy Pro Tour Roster. His $25,000 prize was thus split into $2,500 in Fantasy Money. Runner-up Warren Marsh was on only four rosters, and his $15,000 translated into $3,750 in Fantasy Money.

The highest scoring team in Fantasy Pro Tour history was Jens Schou's "Random Factor". In addition to picking Sigurd Eskeland, Jens was the only person to predict fourth-place finisher Mattias Kettil's high finish. Adding to the two Top 8 finishers were Mattias Jorstedt (who finished at 19th and appeared on 7 rosters), Zvi Mowshowitz (whose 12th-place finish was shared by 74 rosters), Alan Comer (finished at 29th; appeared on 56 rosters), Alex Shvartsman (finished 38th; appeared on 40 rosters), Nicolai Herzog (finished at 13th; appeared on 12 rosters), and Jon Finkel (finished at 85th; the only person on Schou's roster to finish out of the money). Schou's team was worth $11,157.93.

Richard Edbury (who won the Pro Tour-Chicago Fantasy Pro Tour) came in second with his "Euro Alliance" team that included second-place finisher Warren Marsh, Fifth-place finisher John Larkin and himself (Edbury finished 31st and was the only person wth him on his roster - he thus provided $1,170 to his team). Also appearing on Edbory's roster were John Ormerod, Stephan Valkyser (finished at 17th; appeared on five rosters), Tony Dobson (finished at 57th and picked by 14 people), and Ryan Fuller. Edbury's team was worth $7,049.43.

Andy Jakcsy's Team Il-Vec took third on the strength of eighth-place finisher John Hunka, who appeared on no rosters other than Jakcsy's. In addition to the $4,300, Jason Marks (finished 15th; appeared on 3 rosters) provided $916.67. That $5,216.67 was all the Fantasy Money Jakcsy needed, as Shawn Keller, Christian Luhrs, John Marks, Dan Ochoa, Gary Krakower, and Bryce Currence didn't finish in the money.

The fourth place finisher was Christian Dunn, with his team named "Punta! Punta! Punta!" In addition to Warren Marsh, Zvi Mowshowitz and Tony Dobson, Dunn got $610 in Fantasy Money from being the only person to pick 46th-place finisher Ellis Romero. Also on the roster but not contributing to the total were Jon Finkel, Chris Senhouse, Michelle Bush, Ellis Romero, and Dave Price.

Below is a chart of the top 64 players and how they did both as players at the Pro Tour and as picks in the Fantasy Pro Tour.

Player# PicksWinningsWorth
Sigurd Eskeland10$25,000$2,500.00
Warren Marsh4$15,000$3,750.00
Ben Rubin11$10,000$909.09
Mattias Kettil1$8,000$8,000.00
John Larkin5$6,500$1,300.00
Mike Bregoli10$5,500$550.00
Travis Turning2$4,800$2,400.00
John Hunka1$4,300$4,300.00
Mike Hron8$4,000$500.00
Brock Parker12$3,750$312.50
Kamiel Cornelissen2$3,520$1,760.00
Zvi Mowshowitz74$3,310$44.73
Nicolai Herzog12$3,110$259.17
Janosch Köhn1$2,920$2,920.00
Jason Marks3$2,750$916.67
Trevor Blackwell7$2,590$370.00
Stephan Valkyser5$2,440$488.00
Lucien Bui0$2,300$0.00
Mattias Jorstedt7$2,170$310.00
Michael Rumsey3$2,050$683.33
Matt Linde14$1,940$138.57
Thomas Coppage2$1,840$920.00
Holger Meinecke2$1,750$875.00
Makoto Kita0$1,660$0.00
Gary Wise8$1,580$197.50
William Jensen26$1,500$57.69
Mark Globus5$1,430$286.00
Mark Schick8$1,360$170.00
Alan Comer56$1,290$23.04
Andrew Mitchell0$1,230$0.00
Richard Edbury1$1,170$1,170.00
Scott McCord7$1,110$158.57
Raffaele Lo Moro5$1,060$212.00
Erno Ekebom6$1,010$168.33
Tommi Hovi7$960$137.14
Bas Postema2$920$460.00
David Devenport2$880$440.00
Alex Shvartsman40$840$21.00
Kazuya Hirabayashi0$810$0.00
Kevin Davis0$780$0.00
Eric Ziegler3$750$250.00
Kai Budde48$720$15.00
Jens Thoren0$690$0.00
David Humpherys76$660$8.68
Sol Malka11$630$57.27
Ellis Romero1$610$610.00
Stefano Fiore0$590$0.00
Lan Ho20$570$28.50
Mark Gordon0$550$0.00
Mike Thompson5$530$106.00
Johan Franzen0$510$0.00
Jeremy Brower3$490$163.33
Tadayoshi Komiya0$480$0.00
Stewart Walker0$470$0.00
Raphael Levy17$460$27.06
Justin Gary36$450$12.50
Tony Dobson14$440$31.43
Tsuyoshi Ikeda0$430$0.00
Justin Baker3$425$141.67
Scott Johns17$420$24.71
Jakub Slemr12$415$34.58
Frederic Courtois0$410$0.00
Daniel DuBois3$405$135.00
Omar Sagol0$400$0.00

The next Fantasy Pro Tour will be for the 2000 United States Magic: The Gathering National Championship. An announcement will be made when we're ready to accept rosters.

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