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US Nationals Fantasy Pro Tour Results

Sideboard Staff

The Fantasy Pro Tour for the 2000 US National Championships was decided on longshots.

Jon Finkel, the US National Champion, was picked by 22 people to be on their Fantasy Pro Tour Roster. This meant that his $25,000 prize filtered down to $1,136.36 in Fantasy Money. The other three people who made money at Nationals appeared on a total of five rosters, so their impact was much greater.

The Fantasy Pro Tour winner was "Completely Random," owned by Richard Edbury, the only person to predict third-place finisher Frank Hernandez. Edbury's team also included Frank Hines, Lee Steht, Antonio De Rosa, Alex Lieberman, Kyle Bigos, Jeffrey Duval, and Paul Mark Wilkens, and was worth $10,000 in Fantasy Money, since Hernandez's prize wasn't shared. Edbury's Fantasy Pro Tour team came second at Pro Tour-New York 99-00, and won Pro Tour-Chicago.

Mike Turian's "Schlomos" came second, the only person to select Aaron Forsythe. Turian also had himself and Elliot Fung from the Top 8, as well as Dave Price, Andrew Johnson, Rob Dougherty, Lee Steht, and Kyle Bigos. Turian's team was worth $8,000.

The third-place finisher listed his name as "Superanimefan", and was the only person to pick two money-winners. In addition to Jon Finkel, he was one of three people to pick finalist Chris Benafel. Benafel's $15,000 finish broke down to $5,000 to each owner, and "The Not So Ready For Prime Time Players" was worth $6,136.36. Also on the team were Alex Mitchell, Mike Thompson, Justin Rider ("if he qualifies in a grinder"), Ben Rubin, Ryan Kelly, and Top 8 finisher Kyle Rose.

There was a tie for fourth place between Sam Nelson and Justin Rider, each of whom picked Chris Benafel and no other money-winner. The tiebreaker is based on the finish of the first person on the roster: Rider's fist pick was Benafel, while Nelson's first pick was Alex Shvartsman. Rider thus gets fourth place with "Team 25:17 and Friends", which also included Alex Mitchell, Josh Lytle, Phil Freneau, Ped Bunsongsikul, Donald Lim, Brian Hegstad, and Justin Aubertin.

The most common pick was Mike Long, at 24, followed by Jon Finkel at 22.

The next Fantasy Pro Tour will be for the 2000 Magic: The Gathering World Championship. An announcement will be made when we're ready to accept rosters.

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