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Fantasy Pro Tour - Worlds 2000 Results

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The key to winning the Fantasy Pro Tour for the 2000 World Championships was Dutch Team member Tom van de Logt. Like World Champion Jon Finkel, van de Logt finished in the Top 8 individual andin the Top 4 in the team competition. But Jon Finkel appeared on 104 rosters, meaning his astonishing $36,500 combined prize only worked out to $379.81 per roster. Van de Logt's $13,000 was only split between two foresighted individuals.

The winner of the Fantasy Pro Tour was Victor van den Broek, who had van de Logt as well as two other members of the Dutch team (Frank Karsten, Jeroen Remie) and Brian Kibler, who all finished in the money. Also on the team but not adding to the $7,951.67 total were Bram Snepvangers, Mike Turian, Alex Shvartsman, and Kai Budde.

The second-place finisher was Alexander Witt, whose team was anchored by tom van de Logt's $6,500-per-roster contribution. He also had Jon Finkel, Noah Boeken, and Ben Rubin contributing to his total, and Svend Geertsen, Ryan Fuller, Joost Winter, and Tony Dobson on the team.

Mike Wall came in third, largely on the strength of picking himself and the rest of the Finnish team. The Finns took home a total of $8,000, or $2,000 per team member. Wall was the only person to pick Antti Koskimaki or Arho Toikka, and was one of only two people to pick Mike Wall (picking yourself can pay off!) or Lasse Larvanko. After the $6,000 these four picks added to his roster, he got $151.43 for his pick of Tommi Hovi (whose $2,120 19th-place finish was split between fourteen players). Also on the team were Erno Ekebom, Bjorn Petter Jocumsen, and Jimmy Ohman.

Finishing in fourth place was Marc Tschirch's $4,414.83 team, with his big money-winners being Dominik Hothow (finished third, picked by six people) and Janosch Kuhn (finished eighth, picked by six). Tsirsch also gained fantasy money from Jan Brinkmann, Andre Konstanczer, and Stephan Valkyser. Kai Budde, Christian Luhrs, and Wolfgang Eder were also on the team.

Worlds was the end of the 1999-2000 Pro Tour season, and the person who did the best at the Fantasy Pro Tour over that time was Richard Edbury. Edbury won Fantasy Pro Tour-Chicago with a roster worth $8,884 and came in fifth at Worlds Fantasy Pro Tour with a roster worth $4,249.33.

There are some significant changes to the Fantasy Pro Tour for the upcoming year; they are announced here.

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