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Pro Tour New York Fantasy Pro Tour Results

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The 2000-2001 Pro Tour New York Fantasy Pro Tour had new rules, which not all the participants realized. The goal was to select eight people whose total Pro Points (according to the 2000-2001 New York Professional Standings) did not total more than 100. Seventy-five people adhered to this rule, while sixteen people exceeded 100. Some people were over by only one or two points, while the highest score was 353. Only people whose team was within the rules were considered for the prize.

Ross Jamieson's team, anchored by Potato Nation members Mike Turian and Scott Johns, made $52,900 in New York. His team, which cost exactly 100 Pro Points, also had Casey McCarrel, Koichiro Maki, Igor Frayman, Aaron Forsythe, Kenichi Fujita, and Gabriel Tsang.

The second-place finisher was Digby Carter, whose 95-point team made money from only three people: all the members of Draften und Spielen. Christian Luhrs, Patrick Mello, and Stephan Valkyser were joined by Patrick Minton, Jens Petersen, Micha Schulte-Middelich, Sebastien Moises, and Gunnar Refsdal. The team made $30,000.

The third and fourth-place teams were identical, submitted by both Paul Barclay and Steve Newberry. Both teams had the same name, "The Nottingham Conspiracy," and has David Wililams, Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Florent Jeudon, Bruce Cowley, Dan MCNeill, Casey McCarrel, Ben Ronaldson, and Scott Johns. The 100-point team earned $26,800 on the strength of Johns's $20,000 and strong supporting performances by Jeudon, Ronaldson, and McCarrel.

The Fantasy Pro Tour for Chicago will follow the same format, but technical innovations wil be in place to make it easier for people to stay within the 100-Pro-Point rule.

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