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2000 Pro Tour Chicago Fantasy Pro Tour Results

Sideboard Staff

The 2000 Pro Tour Chicago Fantasy Pro Tour followed the new rules for this year. The goal was to select eight people whose total Pro Points (according to the Chicago Professional Standings) did not total more than 100. Over 300 people participated, of which 23 picked Champion Kai Budde (who cost 33 Pro Points).

Alex Condon concentrated on Pro Players of the Year, selecting Kai Budde, Jon Finkel (who finished fifth), and Bob Maher, Jr. (who finished eleventh). Sadly, that resulted in a 280-point team, rendering it invalid.

The highest legal team earned $39,000 and was owned by Lauri Oz Eiderman, who had Kai Budde (33 Pro Points) and Jon Finkel (61 Pro Points) to go along with Paulo Cardona, Jason Malette, Eric Reasoner, Tomoharu Saito, Hiroto Watanabe, and Aaron Perez, who all competed with 0 Pro Points. Eiderman's team was the only legal team that had both Budde and Finkel, although Dustin Hawkins came close with a 101-point team - Tishen Tham, the finalist from Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur put him over the top.

Eric Axelson's team came second, anchored by Kai Budde and supported by Zvi Mowshowitz (seventh-place finisher) and Justin Gary (sixty-fourth place finisher). Also on the 100-point team were Jason Zila, Terry Borer, Eric Kesselman, Jonathan Sonne, and Scott Lipp; it earned $38,500.

The third-place team was Alex Bluebond's $38,000 team, which got money from picking Kai Budde and Zvi Mowshowitz. Also on the team were Edward Fear, Brian Selden, Bil Payne, Fabrice Rabhi, and Jonathan Sonne. Sharp-eyed readers may note that this is only seven people; that's all Alex Bluebond needed!

In fourth place, Daniel Smits Bertelsen spent 98 Pro Points to earn $36,060 in Fantasy Money. In addition to Kai Budde, he had Mattias Jorstedt (14th place), Niels Sanders Jensen (27th place), and Noah Boeken (50th place) making money. Also on the team but only offering moral support were Per Toft, Jens Malsby, Michael Kriegsbaum, and Daniel Mukka.

The Fantasy Pro Tour for Los Angeles will follow the same format, but technical innovations will be in place to make it even easier for people to stay within the 100-Pro-Point rule.

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