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2001 Pro Tour Los Angeles Fantasy Pro Tour Results

Sideboard Staff

The 2001 Pro Tour Los Angeles Fantasy Pro Tour followed the new rules for this year. The goal was to select eight people whose total Pro Points (according to the Chicago Professional Standings) did not total more than 100. Over 1200 people participated, of which 18 picked Champion Mike Pustilnik (who cost 35 Pro Points).

The winning team earned $40,400 and was owned by Jeff Wallace, who had Pustilnik, fifth-place finisher Kyle Rose, and 29-th place finisher David Jafari to go along with Ed Fear, Joseph Crosby, Truc Bui, Lennard Lindeman, and Andrew Klein.

David Triplo's team came second, thanks to Pustilnik and John Park, who finished twentieth. Also contributing to the $33,225 in fantasy money was Brian Selden, who finished 42nd. The non-money winners on the team were Brian Kibler, Tobey Tamber, Sean Fitzgerald, Dustin Stern, and Jason McMahon.

The third-place team was Matt Hoffmans, earning $31,480 on the strength of Pustilnik, Gary Krakower (41st place), and Jamie Parke (52nd place). He also picked Ryan Carpenter, Katsuhiro Mori, Tony Tsai, Michael Katz, and Eli Kassis.

In fourth place, David Kadonsky picked Pustilnik and Michael Turian (32nd place) to the tune of $31,250. Their teammates were Andrew Cuneo, Daniel DuBois, David Bryant, Yashikazu Ishii, David Hofmeyr, and Rafael Ibarra.

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