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2001 Pro Tour Tokyo Fantasy Pro Tour Results

Sideboard Staff

The 2001 Pro Tour Tokyo Fantasy Pro Tour followed the new rules for this year. The goal was to select eight people whose total Pro Points (according to the Los Angeles Professional Standings) did not total more than 100. Over 1000 people participated, of which 207 picked Champion Zvi Mowshowitz (who cost 37 Pro Points). The final standings are available here.

The winning team earned $50,710 and was owned by Jimmy Schroeter, who had Mowshowitz, finalist Tsuyoshi Fujita, and Yong Siang (Mark) Chang, who finished 47th, taking home $710. Also on the team were Brian Kibler, Dustin Jensen, Justin Polin, Ryo Ogura, and Dominic Crapuchettes.

Masanao Okabayashi's came second, making $50,000 on the strength of Mowshowitz and Fujita. Also on the team but not contributing were David Price, Toshiki Tsukamoto, Masahiro Kuroda, Matt Place, Jason Zila, and Andrea Cerasari. David Triplo's team came second, thanks to Pustilnik and John Park, who finished

The third-place team was Tom Martell's, earning $41,900 on the strength of Mowshowitz, tenth-place finisher Brian Selden, 12-th place finisher Josh Fleisch, 30-th place finisher Olle Rade, and 38th-place finisher Brian Davis. Tom Guevin, Seth Burn, and James Osborne rounded out the team.

In fourth place, Mikko Puolanne picked Mowshowitz and fifth-place finisher Ryan Fuller to go along with 19-th place finisher Tommi Hovi, earning $41,550 for a team that also included Michael Gurney, Matt Place, Jason Zila, Erik Lauer, and Tuomas Kuusniemi.

The most popular pick was Jason Zila, who disappointed 252 people by not showing up in Tokyo. He was followed by Olle Rade (236 picks; 19th place), Erik Lauer (213 picks; no-show), Zvi Mowshowitz (205; Winner), and Seth Burn (182 picks; no-show).

The success of the Wizards of the Coast in-house predictions were varied. R&D member Randy Buehler easily won with his team that included Mowshowitz, Rade, and Danny Mandel. Buehler's team was worth $31,910, which would have tied him for 82nd if he were compared to the competition in the real world. Sideboard Managing Editor Monty Ashley came second, earning $5,110 with a dark-horse team that included 26th-place finisher Craig Jones, 29th-place finisher Kamiel Cornelissen, Rade, and 50th-place finisher Royce Chai. R&D's Elaine chase came third with a team that had Rade, Doctor Wong, and Katsuhiro Mori. Sideboard Content Manager Omeed Dariani was last with only Katsuhiro Mori earning money.

The most efficient picks were Josh Fleisch, Marc Tsirsch, Jan Tomcani, Andre Delere, Joey Siagian, Doctor Wong, Julian Brown-Satirso, Youji Ohe, and Anton Jonsson, who all earned money despite costing zero points. High-point people who failed to earn money include Jon Finkel (79 points), Michael Pustilnik (66 points), Kai Budde, Bob Maher (55 points), and Robert Dougherty (50 points). Sigurd Eskeland, at 50 points, also earned no money, but didn't play in the tournament.

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