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2001 World Championship Fantasy Pro Tour Results

Sideboard Staff

The Fantasy Pro Tour for the 2001 World Championship set a participation record as 2,517 people selected their teams of eight people. The most popular selection was 17th-place finisher Jon Finkel, who appeared on 710 rosters. He was followed by a pair of national champions: Canada's Terry Tsang (592) and Trevor Blackwell (530). Although Blackwell finished out of the money in the individual standings, he proved to be well worth his Pro Point cost as he led the US team to victory and took home $10,000. The other two member sof the US team, Eugene Harvey and Brian Hegstad, were also in the top 10 of picks, appearing on 353 and 341 rosters respectively.

Geir Bakke won, with an excellently-picked team: World Champion Tom Van de Logt, all three members of the US team, and all three members of the second-place Taem Norway (Nicolai Herzog, Jan Pieter Groenhof, and Øyvind Ødegaard). Rounding out the team was Sigurd Eskeland. This powerhouse of a team earned $86,115.

Barely edged out of the top slot was Matt Malone, whose team, worth $84,190, started with Van de Logt, Harvey, and Hegstad. He also had finalist Alex Borteh, 48th-place finisher David Jafari, Ben Seck, and Jasar Elarar. Due to a clerical error, Elarar looked like a huge bargain on paper (he was listed both as "Jay" Elarar, with his correct number of Pro Points, and "Jasar" Elarar, with none). Unfortunately for the 392 people that made him the fourth-most-common pick, Elarar finished 293rd out of 295 competitors.

In third place, Yen Chuang earned $77,500 Fantasy Dollars for a team that included Van de Logt, Finkel, Blackwell, Hegstad, Harvey, Tsang, Elijah Pollock, and Daniel Zink.

The fourth-place finisher, Finland's Vesa-Heikki Vuori, added Benedikt Klauser, Helmut Summersberger, Mike Wall, and Reinhard Hoelzel to the high-money yield of Van de Logt, Blackwell, Harvey, and Hegstad.

The Final Standings of Worlds 2001 are available here.

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