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2001 European Championship Coverage

Latin America Championship

Welcome to the European Babylon! In the beautiful, and monument-filled, city of Milan on a very, very hot morning, Europe's best grudgingly left the comfortable beds after a few hours of sleep to crawl into the huge Fiera Milano looking for the tournament site.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Eivind Nitter (Norway)$15,000
 2.  Dave Montreuil (Switzerland)$7,500
 3.  Tomi Walamies (Finland)$5,500
 4.  Daniel Zink (Germany)$4,500
 5.  Jens Thoren (Sweden)$3,000
 6.  John Ormerod (England)$2,500
 7.  Wolfgang Eder (Germany)$2,000
 8.  Sturla Bingen (Norway)$1,500

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Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Jens Thoren   Dave Montreuil, 3-2        
8 Dave Montreuil   Dave Montreuil, 3-2
4 Daniel Zink   Daniel Zink, 3-2   Eivind Nitter, 3-0
5 Wolfgang Eder    
2 John Ormerod   Eivind Nitter, 3-2
7 Eivind Nitter   Eivind Nitter, 3-0
3 Tomi Walamies   Tomi Walamies, 3-1
6 Sturla Bingen    

Quick Interview (archive)

Question Eleven: Who is going to win the European Championship?
Nicolas Labarre, looking at the matchups - "Tomi Walamies, who plays GoMar." Alex Shvartsman - "Dave Montreuil" Rui Oliveira - "John Ormerod"

Urban Legend Coverage (in Italiano)

Photo Coverage: By Day / By Subject