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2001 Grand Prix Sendai Coverage

It was a nailbiting finals. Topdecks on either side. A comeback from a mulligan to even the match. And then, Kazuaki Arahori hindered by a one-land, five card hand in the final game, fought back to take the title on the backs of four zombie tokens. The amateur takes home a huge pile of cash, as well as the satisfaction of seeing his innovative Zombie-Go deck smash both Rookie of the Year Katsuhiro Mori and Pro Tour mainstay Mike Long, upending a Top 8 that featured five Donate decks. Congratulations to Kazuaki Arahori, Grand Prix - Sendai Champion!

Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Kazuaki Arahori (Japan)$2,400
 2.  Kazuya Hirabayashi (Japan)$1,700
 3.  Mike Long (USA)$1,200
 4.  Yuki Murakami (Japan)$1,000
 5.  Itaru Ishida (Japan)$800
 6.  Kazufumi Abe (Japan)$800
 7.  Djinn Okamoto (Japan)$800
 8.  Katsuhiro Mori (Japan)$800

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Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Itaru Ishida   Yuki Murakami, 2-0        
8 Yuki Murakami   Kazuya Hirabayashi, 2-1
4 Kazufumi Abe   Kazuya Hirabayashi, 2-1   Kazuaki Arahori
5 Kazuya Hirabayashi    
2 Kazuaki Arahori   Kazuaki Arahori, 2-0
7 Katsuhiro Mori   Kazuaki Arahori, 2-1
3 Mike Long   Mike Long, 2-0
6 Djinn Okamoto    

Quick Interview (archive)

What's been your VIP card today?
Kazuaki Arahori (Day 1 standing: 3rd): Zombie Infestation. Tomoya Tsushima (Day 1 standing: 1st): Rancor. Michihisa Onoda (Day 1 standing: 2nd): Swords to Plowshares.

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