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2001 World Championship

Sunday's Pictures

[view]The Champ
[view]Finalist Alex Borteh
[view]Team Norway
[view]The final handshake
[view]Team USA with a giant check
[view]More congratulations for Van de Logt
[view]Tom chooses a card with his Duress
[view]Van de Logt is happy as a clam
[view]Head Judge Mike Donais with Josh Bennett and a great KMFDM album
[view]Hundreds of spectators watch the finals
[view]Alex Borteh sighs as he is slaughtered in the finals
[view]The final handshake and the United States wins
[view]The future is so bright, I need to wear shades said yvind degaard
[view]Norways Nicolai Herzog watches his countrymates
[view]The Top 4
[view]World Champion Tom Van de Logt
[view]Day 3 winner: Alexander Witt
[view]Day 2 winner: Brock Parker
[view]The team finals underway
[view]Its always nice to win a Beta Booster Draft
[view]Harvey was the only member of the U.S. team not to win his match
[view]Jan Pieter Groenhof
[view]Eugene Harvey could only watch himself be beaten senseless
[view]Battling Champions: Blackwell and Herzog
[view]Trevor Blackwell nonchalantly shows his opponent Llanowar Wastes
[view]Nicolai Herzog of Norway
[view]Hegstad vs. degaard
[view]Brian Hegstad, looking confident
[view]yvind degaard of Team Canada really Norway
[view]Spectators watch intently as the match proceeds
[view]Kevin, the most broken guide at the Canadian National Tower
[view]Hi-fives for Van de Logt
[view]Ruel and Van de Logt shake after a great match
[view]Borteh brings out the Waterfront Bouncer
[view]Is Team Norway thinking of defecting
[view]Antoine Ruel is very happy. Things didnt go his way
[view]Andrea Santin, top Italian finisher
[view]A pleased Tom Van de Logt
[view]Both Santin and Borteh remove cards from the Red Zone
[view]Semifinals: Santin vs. Borteh
[view]Jeff Donais talks to David Williams as Mike Donais and Paul Barclay observe. Williams was disqualified.
[view]James Lee and his envy-generating Purple Monkey
[view]Andrea Santin plays a colorful match against Mike Turian
[view]Player of the Year Kai Budde
[view]Remember Gauntlet of Might
[view]A lucky drafter with his Beta Birds of Paradise
[view]Dave Williams has his fans
[view]Van de Logt says a little prayer
[view]Dave Williams mulls
[view]Andrea Santin has panache
[view]Beta Vesuvian Doppelganger
[view]Mike Turian, ever the beatdown king
[view]Ruel Undermines a Vindicate
[view]Hovi, playing Go-Mar
[view]Antoine Ruel resolves a spell against Tommi Hovi
[view]Borteh vs. Tomcani
[view]Happy Alex Borteh on the way to the semifinals
[view]Jan Tomcani brings out the Kavu Chameleon
[view]Team Norway
[view]Team U.S.A.
[view]Rookie of the Year Katsuhiro Mori
[view]The whole Top 8
[view]Top 8: Andrea Santin
[view]Top 8: Antoine Ruel
[view]Top 8: Mike Turian
[view]Top 8: Jan Tomcani
[view]Top 8: Tom Van de Logt
[view]Top 8: Tommi Hovi
[view]Top 8: Dave Williams
[view]Top 8: Alex Borteh
[view]Alan Comer plays Vanna White in Question Mark
[view]Tons of players compete in the popular competition
[view]Mark Rosewater conducts Question Mark
[view]Gary Wise anchors a tug of war match against Dreadnought
[view]Flying boxes of Froot Loops can mean only one thing: BattleBots
[view]Keita Mori and Omeed Dariani talk Sideboard
[view]Worth Wollpert does some chess gunslinging

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Dreadnought rips in
[view]Dreadnought, a Magic-sponsored BattleBot
[view]Italy vs. Sweden
[view]Tomi Walamies in control
[view]Terry Tsang, forced to hold back in a tough board situation
[view]Perala sends Silver Drake and Tidal Visionary into the Red Zone
[view]Jussi Perala gets ready to beat down
[view]Aurora Griffin is on Elijah Pollocks team
[view]Sam Lount is counting on his Thornscape Familiar
[view]Finlands Mike Wall
[view]Mike Wall vs. Sam Lount
[view]Everybodys reading Sideboard nowadays
[view]Check out these awesome pamphlets
[view]This is what the judges do with their time off
[view]Matt Vienneau vs. Jon Finkel, er maybe Mike Vienneau, Matts younger brother
[view]Shawn Smith gives Cyril Grillon some love
[view]The Ben Seck
[view]Terry Tsang, Canadian National Champion
[view]Champions fighting Blackwell vs. Malherbaud
[view]Pierre Malherbaud
[view]Trevor Blackwell checks the score
[view]Ruel vs. Harvey
[view]Oliver Ruel is nonplussed
[view]Eugene Harvey, all tapped out after an amazing attack
[view]A typical Limited standoff
[view]Brian Hegstad
[view]Laurent Pagorek takes a moment to consider his play
[view]The advantage of being in the C seat is that youre on the end
[view]Sweden vs. Canada
[view]Check out Masaya Moris awesome Desolation Angel deck box
[view]The Japanese team seemed a good bet to make the finals, but slipped slowly down the rankings
[view]Portugal vs. Japan
[view]Omeed Dariani, Thomas Pannell and Jeff Donais pow-wow for some reason
[view]Fine Canadian cuisine
[view]Megatron in one of his many disguises. Actually, its one of the BattleBots guys and Team Coolrobots mises, just like on TV
[view]Guess who the weak link is
[view]Japan checks out their drafting options, while Sean McKeown takes notes
[view]Who doesnt like Lava Zombie
[view]Looks like Oliver Ruel wants that Thornscape Familiar
[view]Sweden looks excited about their chances
[view]With a huge performance, Team USA has every right to be happy
[view]Terry Tsang points to a likely pick
[view]Eugene Harvey shows his teammates some tech
[view]Chein-Ming Jen plays against Masaya Mori
[view]Its Doctor Wong
[view]Chinese Taipei vs. Japan
[view]Ruel jumps back from the table, as if shocked, when Rosholm Yavimaya Embraces Ruels Dromar
[view]Who needs Armadillo Cloak Just borrow a Dromar
[view]Tomas Rosholm of Sweden
[view]Laurent Pagorek
[view]Pagorek watches Oman play a spell
[view]Frances Champ: Pierre Malherbaud
[view]Johanneson pilots his deck in a battle of National Champions
[view]Malherbaud vs. Johanneson
[view]Richard Garfield gunslings
[view]Everybody loves SCRABBLE
[view]Some people just cant handle the all-day gaming
[view]BattleBots Exciting
[view]Chein-Ming Jen shows us his stuff
[view]Masaya Mori picks his card while Japanese National Champion Goro Matsuo busts a move
[view]Frank Karsten supervises a pick
[view]Team France has custom jerseys
[view]The Swedes are on track to win Worlds
[view]Look at Sweden
[view]Would you have taken the Prophetic Bolt
[view]What would Gary Wise do
[view]Legacy Weapon or no asked Team Hungary
[view]Wales is representin
[view]The Danes go for Tribal Flames
[view]Team Canada drafts
[view]Team Coolrobots preps their BattleBots for a demonstration
[view]Its not a bomb: Kyle Murray holds the power source of a BattleBot
[view]Defeated Champion: Tom van de Logt with a look of anguish
[view]Blackwell chooses targets for one of his removal spells
[view]Hegstad explains how he plans to use his Sawtooth Loon
[view]Remie couldnt be happier about resolving his spell
[view]Frank Karsten is pretty confident, sitting behind his army
[view]Eugene Harvey
[view]Frank Karsten is not happy about Eugene Harveys offense
[view]Looks like Brian Hegstad has this one under control
[view]Trevor Blackwell frowns as Mark Rosewater corrects some playmat infractions
[view]Tables covered with flags, as the competitors represent their countries
[view]Birds eye view of the Feature Match area
[view]Masaya Mori attacks Peter Gysemans
[view]Gert Coeckelbergh vs. Masahiko Morita
[view]Sinan Bolca plays against Goro Matsuo
[view]Oliver Ruel has France on his mind
[view]A Koala bear sits atop an Australian flag, holding an Australian flag
[view]The Dutch all agree on the Cavern Harpy
[view]Brian Hegstad gives Trevor Blackwell a signal
[view]Teammates all have their own ideas of how to attack this pack
[view]Team Draft is more complex than individual drafting
[view]The Worlds National Team Draft assembles the finest players
[view]The diligent judging staff
[view]Jan Tomcani of the Slovak Republic
[view]Erno Ekebom is the Lord of the Dance

Friday's Pictures

[view]Hovi and Oomens both played the Dutch white weenie deck
[view]Tommi Hovi, nervous as he plays for the Top 8
[view]Wessel Oomens sends his Soltari Priest into the Red Zone
[view]Maher vs. Okamoto
[view]Jin Okamoto, APAC Champion
[view]Bob Maher
[view]Jon Finkel smiles
[view]Finkel vs. Tomcani
[view]Slovak Republics Jan Tomcani
[view]Katsuhiro Mori vs. Frank Karsten
[view]Frank Karsten
[view]Katsuhiro Mori, for sure the Rookie of the Year
[view]Roger Sorino
[view]Williams goes for it, as Sorino says hold on
[view]Dave Williams draws some mana from his Wall of Roots
[view]Mori and Ruel play an intense near-mirror matchup
[view]Katsuhiro Mori, without a hat, is forced to eat his cards
[view]Frances Antoine Ruel, nearing the Top 8
[view]Santin vs. Harvey
[view]Eugene Harvey, the only game in town
[view]Andrea Santin of Italy
[view]Gary and Ormerod play a taut game
[view]John O, celebrated Englishman
[view]Justin Gary thumbs his card
[view]Zink vs. Zhi
[view]German National Champion Daniel Zink
[view]Chen Wang Zhi, the top player from China, plays in round 15
[view]Tomcani vs. Oomens
[view]Dutch player Wesley Oomens is leading their push for the Team Championship
[view]Jan Tomcani looks like he could sneak into the Top 8
[view]Blue-green vs. green
[view]Ben Rubin thinks about what he should do with his green weenies
[view]Dave Williams and his token bedecked cards
[view]Sword to your Mother
[view]Mori vs. Mori: Katsuhiro and Masaya
[view]Jon Finkel looks a little distraught
[view]The rematch of the year: Finkel vs. Maher
[view]Bob Maher, Jr. is on the case
[view]Brian Kibler with the Cloak, Verdant Force and Rith, the Awakener
[view]Thats not just Ben Seck, thats THE Ben Seck
[view]DCI Judge Certification with Jacob Wysoczanski
[view]A surprise photo in side events caught everyone off guard
[view]Good sportsmanship in the side events
[view]Old Finkel vs. Young Finkel in a duel of Sideboard Deck Boxes
[view]Faces in the crowd: Ryan Fuller
[view]Benafel, Elmo and Cornelissen
[view]Comer pumps the fist at his loss
[view]Super Wizards PR guy Tod Steward
[view]Kamiel calculates up the damage hes taking from Benafels attack
[view]The always-smug Chris Benafel
[view]Bob Maher shows off his Sylvan Library/Overgrown Estate combo
[view]Alan Comer, all tapped out
[view]Jon Finkel passes the turn to Antoine Ruel
[view]Finkel waits for his opponent
[view]Antoine Ruel gives his opponent a cold stare while drawing
[view]Dougherty vs. Ormerod
[view]John Ormerod waits for his opponent to resolve Vampiric Tutor
[view]Your Move Gamess Rob Dougherty
[view]Toronto, as seen from the Canadian National Tower
[view]Thats a long way down.
[view]Tommi Hovi looks pretty indifferent
[view]A despondent Tommi Hovi slumps as his Stompy opponent plays threat after threat
[view]Ben Rubin may have something stuck in his craw
[view]Selden preps to counter some spells
[view]Antoine Ruel and his weenie horde
[view]Brian Selden
[view]Tsang vs. Finkel
[view]Jon Finkel with his anti-weenie deck
[view]Gab Tsang took a beating
[view]Comer vs. Mori
[view]Masaya Mori with his Mother of Runes
[view]Oathin Alan Comer

Thursday's Pictures

[view]Bob Maher, Sr., father of reigning Player of the Year, Bob Maher, Jr.
[view]Hegstad vs. Harvey, U.S. National Team grudge match
[view]Tzu-Ching Kuo
[view]Jan Pieter Groenhof
[view]Tzu-Ching Kuo vs. Jan Pieter Groenhof
[view]Brian Hegstad shuffles up
[view]Eugene Harvey reaches across the table
[view]New Yorks Mikey P
[view]Pustilnik vs. Pollock
[view]Elijah Pollock, Canadian National Team member
[view]Gallitz looks inconsolable
[view]Everyones favorite Virginian, Donnie Gallitz
[view]A surprised Kyle Rose
[view]Johnson plays Kai Budde
[view]Andrew Johnson of CMU fame
[view]Kai Budde
[view]Old No. 7 Jon Finkel
[view]Finkel vs. Tsang, a clash of the greats
[view]Gab Tsang looks a little bored
[view]Ho tries to outmaneuver Jensen
[view]Gunning for Rookie of the Year, Ken Ho
[view]William Baby Huey Jensen is always a force at the Pro Tour
[view]Tomcani vs. Humphreys
[view]Jan Tomcani has been surprising everyone today
[view]The always-calculating Dave Humphreys
[view]Pedro Cerotti puts down some Uruguayan insurgents
[view]Diligent judges guard the Irish National team
[view]Dave Montreuil
[view]Itadani Eisaku
[view]Dave Montreuil vs. Itadani Eisaku
[view]Noah Boeken studies Eugene Harveys play
[view]Dutch wunderkind Noah Boeken
[view]Randy Buehler smiles over his shoulder at Chris Pikula
[view]U.S. National Team member Eugene Harvey
[view]This guy looks shockingly like Gerrard Capashen
[view]Alan Comer preps to attack
[view]Budde may be the most popular contender for the championship
[view]Kai Budde confronts old rival Alan Comer
[view]Sam Lau shares his name with a prominent Canadian player named Sam Lau
[view]Sam Lau gives Tamber a little frown
[view]Tobey Tamber shows off the skills that got him here
[view]Jon Finkel, sometimes known as Johnny Magic
[view]Jon Finkel vs. Tom van de Logt
[view]Tom van de Logt
[view]Dave Humpherys shows off his four Silver Drakes
[view]Everyone loves a moose - some more than others
[view]Katsuhiro Mori makes a run at Rookie of the Year
[view]Tobey Tamber of Taiwan looks for a solid second draft
[view]Table one drafts
[view]Quite a group: Comer, Johnson, Budde, Selden
[view]Dave Humphreys drafts
[view]Collin Jackson calls the draft
[view]The second draft
[view]Side events is an exciting place to be
[view]Thomas Pannell
[view]Cyril Grillion and Jeff Donais must be up to something
[view]Fleetfoot Panther busts out of the sign
[view]Adam Rex
[view]Magic artist Glen Angus
[view]Players crowd around a monitor to watch a great game of the past
[view]Davis vs. Budde
[view]Kai Budde, in Magic Invitational garb, calmly dispatches his opponent
[view]Brian Davis pushes right through the Red Zone
[view]Montreuil vs. Tsang
[view]Dave Montreuil is a little goofy
[view]Gab Tsang takes a moment to think about it
[view]Turian vs. Cornelissen
[view]Mike Turian
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen and Mark Rosewater watch an amazing play
[view]Higashino vs. Ruel
[view]Oliver Ruel reads his opponents card
[view]Masayuki Higashino smiles
[view]Chris Benafel
[view]Finlands finest, Tommi Hovi
[view]A confident-looking Rob Dougherty
[view]Englands John Ormerod
[view]Ben Ronaldson is agape
[view]Zvi and OMS play a complicated game
[view]Sideboards own Zvi Mowshowitz studies the board
[view]Steven OMahoney-Schwartz
[view]Teammates John Ormerod and smiling Ben Ronaldson
[view]Hovi vs. Tomcani
[view]Chris Benafel faces Rob Dougherty
[view]Sideboard Reporter Becky Hiebert examines a fine Canadian meal
[view]Joe Hauck and Jaime West
[view]Ben Ronaldson watches Guevin shuffle
[view]Is Tommy Guevin still tight
[view]Diligent judges examine decklists for errors
[view]Japanese superstar Masaya Mori
[view]Masaya Mori vs. Mike Turian
[view]Mike Turian examines his opponents card
[view]Ben Ronaldson, shocked that hes winning with such a mediocre deck
[view]Captain Comer demonstrates a Maneuver
[view]Great Dane or Trey Van Cleave
[view]Alan Comer vs. Trey Van Cleave
[view]Kastle fights back, targeting one of Luhrs creatures
[view]Christian Luhrs fires up a Tribal Flames
[view]Darwin Kastle, in a fit of sudden realization
[view]Eivind Nitter, dressed to the nines
[view]Sketchy-looking Matt V smiles
[view]Bastos and Benafel build their decks
[view]Jon Finkel smiles while looking over his deck
[view]Times running out
[view]Trey Van Cleave in his first draft
[view]Looks like Collin Jackson has an admirer
[view]Royce Chai is not happy about Luhrss pick
[view]Tom Guevin
[view]Ben Ronaldson slides a card over to him
[view]Justin Gary looks over his picks
[view]Tommi Hovi reaches for his card
[view]Selden goes for Kavu Climber
[view]Leading U.S. competitor, Brian Selden
[view]Quite a table - Finkel and Budde
[view]What would you pick

Wednesday's Pictures

[view]Laura Kilgore lets out a rebel yell
[view]Ruham Djinn waits at the top of the escalator
[view]Magic on every sign
[view]A well-dressed moose
[view]Welcome to Toronto
[view]Finkel vs. Vollebregt
[view]Joost Vollebregt of the Netherlands
[view]Jon Finkel, an American treasure
[view]Tomcani vs. Wan
[view]Wan sends
[view]Jan Tomcani
[view]Coeckelbergh sends his Blastoderm into the Red Zone
[view]Good ol Gert Coeckelbergh
[view]Antoine Ruel, of France
[view]Tommi Hovi waits on Seldens move
[view]Selden vs. Hovi
[view]James Lees favorite player, Brian Selden
[view]Jaime West and the Menerys
[view]Mark Rosewater reads off the Feature Matches
[view]Adrian Sullivan
[view]Nitter transpires some doings
[view]Kai models his exciting shirt
[view]Current European Champion, Eivind Nitter
[view]Steve adjusts the life totals
[view]Steve OMS vs. Ben Rubin
[view]Rubin with a slick look
[view]Hovi presents his deck for a cut
[view]Tommi Hovi looks over the board
[view]Dave Montreuil
[view]Bingen vs. Wise
[view]Ho Ho Ho Midgets, says Gary Wise
[view]Everyones favorite European Sturla Bingen
[view]Exciting timekeeping duties
[view]Faces in the crowd: Lawrence Creech
[view]A nice view of the floor
[view]Please dispose of your trash properly
[view]The Worlds logo
[view]Glen Angus
[view]Artist rk post
[view]Diligent judges at the scorekeeping station
[view]Matt V. looks through Klausers discard pile
[view]Klauser, not very happy with his hand
[view]Matt Vienneau properly displays a Fire/Ice
[view]Canadas National Champ, Terry Tsang
[view]Terry Tsang vs. Brian Selden
[view]Former World Champion Brian Selden
[view]Trey Van Cleave with two Rishadan Ports and two islands
[view]Liang Zhang shows off his Blastoderm
[view]Van Cleave vs. Zhang
[view]Bastos vs. Levy
[view]Raphael Levy doesnt look convinced
[view]Frederico Bastos of Portugal
[view]Ben Ronaldson plays his game on a Welsh flag
[view]Everyone loves taking the judge test
[view]The DCI Judge Certification booth
[view]Players line up at the DCI booth to correct their information and get cool prizes
[view]Side events is the place to be
[view]The Wizards of the Coast retail booth
[view]Patrick Mello goes for the Red Zone
[view]Ruel vs. Mello, France vs. Germany
[view]Stellar Frenchman, Oliver Ruel
[view]Masaya Mori announces his Fire/Ice
[view]yvind degaard vs. Masaya Mori
[view]Tsang vs. Bachmann
[view]Everyones favorite old-schooler, David Bachmann
[view]Gab Tsang, in control with his mighty Blastoderm
[view]Adrian Sullivan adds to the stack
[view]Creech gets a little proactive
[view]The Creecher
[view]Jerry Rubin talks shop
[view]A Magic fan shows off some tattoos
[view]It almost looks like card art
[view]Flagbearers drawing all the intention
[view]Bagpipes welcome the players to the 2001 World Championships
[view]Joe Hauck addresses the spectators
[view]Collin Jackson from the DCI nation
[view]Kyle Murray preps for a sealed deck match
[view]A member of the opening ceremony
[view]Magic and muscles go hand in hand
[view]Yes, well, you know
[view]Jaime West takes a good look around
[view]Beastie boy, Jason Mougney
[view]Adrian Sullivan poses with his magical box
[view]Spectators lean over the rails to watch their favorite players
[view]Zvi and Comer are lively
[view]Alan Comer demonstrates his unique shuffling technique
[view]Zvi checks the rafters for would-be assassins
[view]A very focused David Williams
[view]U.S. National Champion Trevor Blackwell sends the Blastoderm
[view]Trevor Blackwell with a sly grin
[view]The ultracool Feature Match area
[view]U.S. Nationals finalist Brian Hegstad looks over his hand
[view]Jon Finkel in a round 2 Feature Match
[view]The world-famous Scott Larabee
[view]The ultra-fly staff shirts
[view]Jeff Donais shows off his invisible kitten to Cyril Grillion and Mike Donais
[view]Emperor Dan Clegg gives the thumbs down
[view]Players with a birds eye view of the Feature Match area
[view]Counterrebels vs. red-black
[view]Mark Rosewater scratches his head at Fullers hand
[view]A good look at the Israeli flag
[view]Ryan Fuller studies his hand
[view]Smilin Justin Gary
[view]Fuller shows off his tattoo while splitting a Fact or Fiction
[view]PT Tokyo finalist Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Sideboard writer Alex Shvartsman
[view]Japanese favorites: Fujita vs. Shvartsman
[view]Budde used card art tokens for his Saprolings
[view]Kai Budde is a favorite to win the tournament
[view]Svend Geertsen smiles over his red-black lands
[view]Nico Herzog gives the camera a come hither stare
[view]Herzog vs. Geertsen
[view]Ben Rubin calculates his next play
[view]In a taut mirror match, Maher counts his islands
[view]The Great One, Bob Maher
[view]Fellow Finns Hovi and Walamies played a mirror match in round 1
[view]Tommi Hovi watches his Counterspell all the way to the Red Zone
[view]Tomi Walamies, Finnish National Champion
[view]Justin Gary expresses joy
[view]Minature flags for team day
[view]Omeed Dariani and Mark Rosewater choose the round 1 Feature Match
[view]Flags of some of the nations represented
[view]Cyril Grillion is the lord of the dance
[view]My advice to you is not to cheat, said Mike Donais to Ding Yuen Leong, who was disqualified in round 1

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