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What the heck is RenaissanceTM anyway?

In order to give our loyal international customers the same access to Magic: The Gathering® that our English-speaking customers have enjoyed, Wizards of the Coast has made the cards available in many other languages.

Part of giving everyone equal access to the cards also means access to expansions. However, we and all our partners in this translation enterprise realized that there was no way to start translating at the beginning with Arabian Nights® and also reach our goal of simultaneous release in all languages; this forced us to decide which sets would be printed for the first time in each language.

Our policy instructs that we not print cards in white-border sets that didn't previously appear in either the original black-border Magic: The Gathering set in that language or in some black-border expansion set of that language. For example, the initial set for German and French is the same set as the RevisedTM (third edition) set and the first German and French cards were released with black borders. Since there were no previous German or French expansions, the cards rotated into Magic: The Gathering--Fourth EditionTM , according to our policy, had to have first appeared with a black border before Fourth Edition could be printed with a white border.

The cards that rotated into Fourth Edition appeared with black borders as a special card set called Renaissance in French and German. The foreign-language editions of ChroniclesTM initially appeared as black-border sets, except for Italian. Instead, there was a special Italian black-border version of Renaissance that included Chronicles cards, but not cards that originally appeared in Legends® or The Dark®. This is why there are two separate card lists for Renaissance.

Italian Renaissance List (60 cards)

English Italian
Abu Ja'far Abu Ja'far
Aladdin Aladino
Ali Baba Ali Babà
Amulet of Kroog Amuleto di Kroog
Argohtian Pixies Fate Argothiane
Ashnod's Altar Altare di Ashnod
Ashnod's Battle Gear Armatura da Battaglia di Ashnod
Ashnod's Transmogrant Trasmutatore di Ashnod
Battering Ram Ariete da Assedio
Bird Maiden Fanciulla Alata
Bronze Tablet Tavoletta di Bronzo
Circle of Protection: Artifacts Circolo di Protezione: Artefatti
City of Brass Città d'Ottone
Clay Statue Statua di Argilla
Clockwork Avian Creatura Alata Meccanica
Colossus of Sardia Colosso di Sardia
Coral Helm Elmo di Corallo
Cuombajj Witches Streghe Cuombajj
Cursed Rack Griglia Maledetta
Cyclone Ciclone
Dandân Dandân
Detonate Detonazione
Erhnam Djinn Genio di Erhnam
Feldon's Cane Bastone di Feldon
Fishliver Oil Unguento di Fegato di Pesce
Ghazbán Ogre Ogre di Ghazbán
Giant Tortoise Testuggine Gigante
Goblin Artisans Artigiani dei Goblin
Grapeshot Catapult Catapulta a Mitraglia
Hasran Ogress Orchessa di Hasran
Hurr Jackal Sciacallo di Hurr
Ironclaw Orcs Orchi dell'Artiglio di Ferro
Jalum Tome Tomo di Jalum
Jewelled Bird Pavone Ingioiellato
Junún Efreet Efreet di Junún
Metamorphosis Metamorfosi
Mishra's Factory Fabbrica di Mishra
Nafs Asp Aspide di Nafs
Oasis Oasi
Obelisk of Undoing Obelisco dell'Annullamento
Rakalite Rakalite
Repentant Blacksmith Fabbro Penitente
Sandstorm Tempesta di Sabbia
Shapeshifter Polimorfo
Sindbad Sindbad
Strip Mine Miniera a Cielo Aperto
Tawnos's Weaponry Arsenale di Tawnos
Tawnos's Wand Bacchetta di Tawnos
Tetravus Tetravus
Triskelion Triskelion
Twiddle Manipolatore
Urza's Avenger Vendicatore di Urza
Urza's Mine Miniera di Urza
Urza's Power Plant Centrale Energetica di Urza
Urza's Tower Torre di Urza
Wall of Spears Muro di Lance
War Elephant Elefante da Guerra
Xenic Poltergeist Poltergeist di Xenic
Yawgmoth Demon Demone di Yawgmoth
Yotian Soldier Soldato di Yotian

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