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2001 Grand Prix Las Vegas Coverage

Congratulations to Mike Pustilnik on his second Grand Prix win! Pustilnik played his version of Sol Malka's beloved green-black deck, The Rock and his Millions, to victory in a Top 8 that included more main deck Chokes than Islands. The Top 8 included eight green decks (spanning five different archetypes), 23 copies of Call of the Herd, and zero blue cards while the highest finishing Donate deck was 20th. The rest of the Osaka QT season should be quite interesting now.

Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Michael Pustilnik$2,400
 2.  Adam Lane$1,700
 3.  John Balla$1,200
 4.  Sean Fitzgerald$1,000
 5.  Kaare Anderson$800
 6.  Robert Dougherty$800
 7.  Shannon Krumick$800
 8.  Scott Gerhardt$800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Kaare Anderson   Adam Lane, 2-0        
8 Adam Lane   Adam Lane, 2-1
4 John Balla   John Balla, 2-0   Michael Pustilnik, 2-0
5 Scott Gerhardt    
2 Rob Dougherty   Sean Fitzgerald, 2-0
7 Sean Fitzgerald   Michael Pustilnik, 2-1
3 Shannon Krumick   Michael Pustilnik, 2-0
6 Michael Pustilnik    

Grand Prix Curitiba Coverage

Photo Coverage: By Day / By Subject